“Make Special Cards” Magazine Cards

Good Morning,

As promised last week, I am sharing some cards I made using “Make Special Cards” magazine, issue #10.   The MSR is $16.99 but sometimes they are on sale at the craft stores.  This  was my first magazine kit I purchased and I’ve been so impressed with everything you get for a very reasonable cost.  This issue comes with a full 5×7 stamp set containing 25 stamp elements along with 30 A4 sheets of pattern paper, over 100 push-out-die-cuts, 9 card blanks in 3 colors, 9 envelopes and52 pages of pictures, samples and instructions.  I think that’s a lot for $16.99.  I don’t think you could buy the stamp set alone for $16.99 so coupled with all the other goodies, it’s a very good deal.

Here is the magazine cover.

I made many, many cards from this issue and here are some of them.

This card I made special for my new Granddaughter Genevieve.

This is the free stamp set included with the magazine.  Lots of possibilities, for sure.This next batch of cads I turned into Mother’s Day cards for donation.  I think I made a total of about 30 cards. I did add a few extra embellishments such as baker’s twine, ribbon and a few die cuts and the card bases but everything came from the kit. These cards were so quick and easy to make.

Next week I’ll showcase another magazine kit and cards.  Be sure to check out the magazine section of your favorite craft store or Barnes & Noble book store.  There you will find lots of paper crafting magazines as well as ones for all other sorts of crafts/hobbies such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilling….

Till next week,


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WHAT A DEAL – Magazine Reviews…..sorta

Hello Friends,

After the excitement of last week’s joyous marriage and birth of my new granddaughter, what more could I ask for…..how about 70 degree weather for 2 days in February and a discovery of the decade.

So for last Christmas, I received a couple of magazines on card making.  I hadn’t had time to really read through them but when I finally did, boy was I impressed. Not only are they jam packed with samples, ideas and instructions, they also come with a free gift of some sort, depending on the magazine.  So you know what that meant.  I was on a mission to find out more about these magazines and give them a closer look.  Nine magazines later….I’m obsessed.  And the price point is fantastic.  All were around $17 dollars or less. You can’t even purchase a large stamp set for that little money.  Note:  These magazines come from England (or Europe) and are all in the metric system but that’s easy to get around.  Lots of them have free papers that you can use as is or copy onto card stock.

I’ll give you a quick rundown on each that I have purchased.

Make Special Cards comes with a huge stamp set (below) along with lots of printed papers, tags and sentiments inside.  I thought ahead and decided NOT to cut up the papers but instead copy them onto card stock and save the originals as my masters for future use.

Next is Make Birthday Cards.  This issue, by far, had the most additional freebies inside.  Tons of papers, sentiments and embellishments which I copied onto card stock.

Papercrafts Essentials came with a beautiful embossing folder and coordinating stamps.

Another Papercraft Essentials with a beautiful mandala stencil.

All Occasion also has a free beautiful embossing folder.

Simply Cards & Papercrafts comes with a adorable stamp set.

Crafts Beautiful has a huge stamp set, all flowers, butterflies and sentiments.

Quick Cards Made Easy has  another floral stamp set, British Wildflowers with companion border embossing folder.

And finally Die-cutting Essentials which comes with a free Cherry Tree 2-die set.

So, what do you think?  Worth the money?  I think these magazines are a fantastic deal.  Plus, the few I purchased at Joann’s were on sale (20-25% off) and I got my SIL discount (30%) for others I purchased at Barnes & Noble.  These magazines are readily available at all craft stores, usually near the checkout area and at Barnes & Nobel and probably other large bookstores.

I’m busy making lots of cards for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter/Spring, Thinking of you………no limits.

I’ll be back next week with some pics of the cards I’m working on using my goodies from these magazines.  I’m like a kid in a candy store LOL!!!



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Good Morning,

First, apologies for not making this post yesterday but things were a bit scattered and crazy here and then it got too late.

BIG, BIG news here from the compound.  Wednesday, February 14 turned out to be an exciting day.  Being Valentine’s Day, what could be more appropriate than a marriage…….from none other than my son and his gal.  Finally tied the knot and without a moment to spare.

Sal, Jadie and my grandson, Dommy (3 1/2) leaving the courthouse in San Antonio, Texas, Wednesday afternoon.  What a wonderful event, just sorry we were unable to attend since we had only hours notice.  Yep, that’s my son…..wait to the last minute for everything.  Such a beautiful family!

A bit of celebrating then off and running to the hospital go prepare for the delivery of a new granddaughter.

Meet Genevieve, born Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 12:34pm, 6 lb. 15 oz., 20 inches.

And, of course Big Brother Dommy, meeting his new sister.

Although a bit in reverse, everything worked out well, all are doing fine and all is good!

Wishing Sal, Jadie, Dommy and baby Genevieve the best life has to offer.  What a beautiful family.

See you all next week.




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Donation Cards

Good Morning friends,

Well, what a very busy week for me.  I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath.  Lots going on here preparing for my new granddaughter’s arrival Feb. 15.  Since we have so much from Demi, I’ve been laundering, sorting, matching, packaging and mailing cartons of little girl clothes to Texas.  Can’t believe how much one little child could possibly have accumulated in just 4 1/2 years.  Most everything is in excellent condition or never worn so instead of donating, mom-to-be Jadie as graciously accepted them.  I’ve laundered 14 super loads of clothes so far.  That’s a lot of stuff!!!

Between laundry and packaging, I’ve managed to get some card making done as well.  This batch of Sympathy and Thinking of You cards  are for donation,  using a variety of techniques.

Die cuts, ink blendig and stamping

Stamping and water coloring

Stamping, die cuts and white on white card stock

Stamping, punching and ink blending

Brother Scan n Cut with die cut and vellum butterfly

Stamping and foiling

Die cuts

Stamping, water coloring and machine sewing

So I’ll be moving forward with Easter/Spring cards. Can’t believe it’s already February 1st. Soon I’ll be thinking about my spring garden!!!  YEAH.

Until next week,




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Hearts Galore

Good Morning,

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’ve been busy at work creating some cards for my special Valentine people.  I really only needed a few but got a bit carried away and ended up making 18 cards.  So why not spread the love!

Some of the following cards are CASE cards, some made with my January Hero Arts Monthly kit and some are my original creations.

First the CASE cards.

 YOURS                                                          MINE






The following cards were made using the Hero Arts January Monthly Kit.

The last 2 cards are for my youngest grandchildren using their ‘today’s favorite’ characters.

This is for Dommy who is into The Hulk.  I attached a easel stand to the back of the card so it can stand alone and be displayed easily.  I grab the images from the Internet.

And here is the card for Demi who loves Monster High.  Here you can see the easel on the back of the card.

I used instructions for the easel from a video by Maymay Made It.  Here is the link to her video.  Super easy to make.   https://www.maymaymadeit.com/blogs/news/card-easels

That’s it for this week.  I’ll have more fun things to share next week.

Have a great week.



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2018 – New Year, New Things

Good morning and Happy New Year.  A bit late but it’s been slow getting back into the groove of things after the holidays.  I’m still in slo-mo but things are starting to pick up.

My first project for 2018 was to make a quilt for my new soon-to-arrive granddaughter. She’s due to make her debut around February 21.  Originally I had planned to make a very cute embroidered block quilt.  I’ve had a pattern for years and always wanted to make it.  However, once I began to embroider the first square, I realized that my hands and eyes were not cooperating.  Instead of becoming frustrated, I decided to change gear and do something I was more comfortable with so I chose a pretty daisy-like flower and did some machine applique.  The quilt is finished except for the signature plate and binding which will have to wait until the baby arrives.  The quilt came out adorable and I’m glad I decided to go with applique. I’ll show a pic once it is completed.  Think PINK.

I then moved onto some donation cards, specifically Thinking of You, Sympathy and Birthday.  I made a total of 50 and they were delivered this week.  Since there are so many, this week I’ll share pics of the Thinking of You cards.  Next week, I’ll share the others.

I’m not sure what my next move will be but I have lots I would like to accomplish on my ‘bucket list’ for 2018. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!  However, I added up my totals and realized I spent way too much on supplies in 2017.  This year I will definitely cut back so I’m once again using supplies I have in my stash without purchasing anything new.

Most of these cards are CASE cards so thanks to the original designers for their inspiration.  Most of my backgrounds were made using Distress Oxide Inks.  Oh, have you heard, 2 more 12 color releases for this year!!!!!

 YOURS                                                     MINE






These next few cards are my own designs.



Not sure if I will continue to post every week or maybe just every other week.  I’ll need to see how things are progressing and if I have anything interesting to share.

Till next time,






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Out with the Old, In with the New

Hello friends,

This is my final post for 2017 and it’s been a banner year for me in card making.  Although I keep samples and records of the cards I make, I didn’t really keep a tally of exactly how many.  With this said, I’m guesstimating that I made around 500 cards this year.   Many cards I made multiples, sometimes 6-12 of the same.  I usually make at least 4 of each card, especially the ones that I will be donating.

I donated approximately 400 cards to Hallmark Health VNA/Hospice, Varney Crossing Nursing Center, MGHFC, MGH – Pediatric Residency Program, Card Care Connection and LiveLoveCards.

I also sent out around 150 personal cards for birthdays, new babies, congratulations, various holidays, encouragement and thinking of you.  I participated in 7 swaps and continue on with my alphabet swap on a card making group.

I’ve been dabbling in some mail art, made 2 baby quilts and did some embroidery pieces.  I filled quite a few orders for cards and made a 2 book scrapbook for Sweet Baby William.  I ventured into Hardanger embroidery making quite a few pieces into trinket boxes.

I did spend a bit more than usual on crafting supplies this year including lots of dies, stamps, card stock and Distress Oxide inks. A gal just needs to get a new pair of shoes once in awhile.

All in all, it’s been quite a busy year for me.  Got some new toys, tried some new things and shared lots with friends and family.  I’m sure I have forgotten a few things but you can peruse through my previous post for 2017 to see everything.

My plans for 2018?????  Who knows.  I will start off the new year with a baby quilt for a new granddaughter due in February and an order for donation cards.  I have some new card making products that I haven’t tried out yet so that will be fun.  I have no other real plans or projects so I’ll just sit back and see where my journey takes me.

Any plans or goals for 2018?

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous and creative 2018.  I bid a fond farewell to 2017 and anticipate an exciting and creative 2018!




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