The Countdown begins….78 days and counting

Hello from Hell(o),

No typo here, it’s Hello from Hades.  Boston has been in a very oppressive heat wave for one week.  My air conditioners have been running non-stop for seven days.  I hate to see my electric bill.  I’ve barely left my home, just out to run a quick errand here and there and right back to my somewhat cool home.  I feel like a recluse, which has given me plenty of time to plan ahead.  Only 78 more days until Autumn officially begins.  I can’t wait!!!  Have I mentioned before how very much I hate the heat?  Am I the only person who hates summer?  Do any of you feel the same way?  Wouldn’t it be nice to live somewhere like Iceland, Greenland or the Tundra???  I think today will be stormy with lots of rain ushering a small stretch of cooler weather.  Miracles do happen!!!

So with so much time on my hands and the pending arrival of Autumn, I went ahead and made up several fall themed cards.  I’m dreaming of cool, crisp days, colorful foliage and beef stew.

These cards are a mix of stamps, die cuts, stitching, embossing, and watercolor.

So there you have it, another week, more cards, and the wish for cooler weather.  See you all back here next week.


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Flowers Everywhere

Good Morning,

Today will be a rainy and stormy day here in Boston which is fine by me.  Free water for my garden!  This year my garden is bursting with blooms, color and rapid growth that I can hardly keep up with it.  So when nature gives you rain, make floral cards.  Lots of stamping and ink blending with Distress Oxide Inks.

Ink blended background, stamping with white embossing, gold die cut leaves, die cut flowers and gems.

Paper punch flower, sticker bee and a stamped sentiment on a kraft card base.

Stamped, embossed and watercolored flowers in a tin pitcher.

Stamped floral background, stamped and embossed jars, stamped and watercolor flowers, and a stamped sentiment.

Ink blended background on torn watercolor paper, stamped and white embossed flowers and stitched accent.

Pretty patterned paper cut on the diagonal and mounted on foam sheets, silver accent borders,  fussy cut flowers with pearl embellishments and a stamped sentiment.

Stamped window card with vellum overlay and die cut floral embellishment.

Inked background with stamped floral corners and sentiment with white embossing.

Got to run and secure my yard for the flood-like rain, thunder and lightning and winds predicted all day long.  Yikes!!!!


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Summertime Cards

Good  Friday Morning,

Oops, what happened to Thursday????  My granddaughter has been away on vacation this week so I’ve lost track of time not to mention the peace and quiet is something I rarely get so I’m taking full advantage.

I have been a bit of a creative slump this week but I have managed to kick out a few cards.

With the 4th of July approaching, I felt patriotic and made just 4 cards to send out, 2 of each.

This brush stroke card actually was a happy accident.  I wanted a water streak wash of red using Distress Oxide ink but picked up the wrong brush.  Instead of a flat wash brush, I picked up a flat comb brush and, oh, what a surprise.  Automatic streaks!!!!  I’m impressed at what this brush can do but more importantly, I’m impressed that I actually did this without trying.

A couple of summertime cards round out this post.

The flamingo card uses a sticker that I picked up at Hobby Lobby on clearance.  It’s a 3d honeycomb sticker.  How fun is this!  Distress Oxide blend for background and a die cut palm tree round off the vignette.  

A tropical sunset card with Distress Oxide blending.  This is where I’d like to be!!!

The weather here in Boston has been hot this past week and you all know how I feel about the summer heat.  I’ve become best friends with my mini personal hand-held fan.  I love you!!!

Till next week,


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Alphabet Cards and Birthday Cards

Good Morning,

Celebrations are beginning to wind down and finally some time to play.  I’m using my time to make cards for my stash.  Some ideas come from Pinterest and some from videos from various card makers.

First, I want to bring you up to date with my Alphabet swap cards. This is an ongoing swap on one of my card making groups. My last post was the letter “H” so I’ll pick up with “I”.  Remember all my cards for this swap are based on the childhood ball game, “A My Name is Alice”.

And now onto the cards that I’ve been recently working on.  All these cards use stickers that I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby several months ago.

Polkadot birthday cards.

Three scoop ice cream cone birthday card.Ice cream on a stick birthday card.Sweet cupcake birthday card.

The weather here in Boston has been decent but temps will be soaring upwards of 90 next week so I’ll be inside with the A/C making more cards… be sure to come back next week for more shares.



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Oh Happy Day

Good Morning,

Sorry for no post last week but here’s the deal.  As you may have noticed, I’m not a very good photographer so I rely on other’s to take pictures…..and you know how this story goes….wait, wait, wait for copies.

I don’t usually share pics of my family but lots of grand accomplishments over the past several weeks which are worthy of mentioning.  Not one but three of my granddaughters had major accomplishments recently:  Rhemi, Annabelle and Demi so what’s a Nana to do but brag!!!

My eldest granddaughter, Rhemi (pronounced Remy as in the cognac LOL) graduated from college, Magna Cum Laude, with a degree in criminal justice.  Along with her degree, she is finishing up her EMT certification and will continue on with her studies this fall, in the medical field.  Great job, Rhemi.

And, of course, there’s Demi who graduated from preschool.  Watching a shy, timid and scared little 3 year old, in 2 years, blossom into the most popular girl in class, Demi has begun to make her mark as a social butterfly.  Demi will continue onto kindergarten in the fall.  Way to go, Demi!!Cousins, Rhemi and Demi shared their happy day together, two peas in a pod.And not to be out shined, Annabelle has had a spectacular year in dancing, culminating with several awards and wins in competitions over the past 6 weeks.  Well on her way to becoming a Prima Ballerina!Can you do this????  Not me!Auntie Jenn and Demi watched the royal wedding in royal style with their fascinators.Finishing up with only one card this week, one each for Rhemi and Demi.  We observed each graduation with a celebratory meal, cake and present….luggage  for both LOL!  Not to mention 2 birthdays and Mother’s Day……we’re all partied out!!

See you all next week,


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Father’s Day Cards

Hi There,

Hope all is good with you and enjoying some great spring weather.  Here in Boston, it is a fantastic day with bright sunshine and comfortable temps.  Best thing, I’ve officially finished my spring cleaning and now go onto enjoying life….at least for the next few days until I have to do some weekly cleaning.  Does it ever go away for good????

Continuing on my card making journey, I’ll share more cards with you.

Father’s Day is coming up soon.  Got your cards made yet?  Here’s some inspiration.  I made 38 assorted Father’s Day cards for donation to a nursing home in Maine.  My cards included a selection of themes that I think men would like.  Last year I used sports as a theme; this year, games men play.  I used lots of graphics from the Internet.


That’s all for this week. I’ll be back next week with more fun cards!




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My Tree and My Cards

Hello Friends,

Hope your week has been great.  We’ve had partly cloudy weather with some rain although it has been comfortably warm so I’m not complaining.

For those of you who have been following my blog for some time know that every spring I post a picture of my Wisteria tree that is growing in my garden.  Usually each spring my tree produces an explosion of beautiful blooms.  Last year it failed to produce much of anything but this year, it is certainly making up for it.  Check out the  millions and billions of flowers.  How spectacular!  And the gorgeous fragrance throughout the neighborhood is beyond heavenly.Did you know that there are two forms of Wisteria:  A vine form and a tree form (which is what I have).  Did you also know that there are two varieties:  Chinese Wisteria and Japanese Wisteria.  Did you also know you can tell which variety you have:  Japanese Wisteria wind and wrap clockwise and Chinese Wisteria wind and wrap counter-clockwise.  I’m still trying to figure out which type I have but I think it is the Chinese variety…it’s hard to tell.

So my good friend, Winnie from the Netherlands, surprised me with a package a few weeks ago.  Inside were 15 card making magazines from the Netherlands and I haven’t been able to put them down.  They’re gorgeous!  Lots of embroidery patterns, 3D cut outs, card blanks, hobby dots and ideas.  I’m determined to tackle each magazine one at a time and do as many cards as possible.

The first magazine I chose was this one.  Of course, it’s all in Dutch but who needs words!And here is a card I made using one of the patterns and graphics.  I have several more ready to be stitched.While I was gathering up my embroidery supplies, I found several packages of embroidery sticker sheets which I received years ago as a gift.  I can’t remember who sent them to me, perhaps Winnie.  Anyway, I decided it was time to use them.  I mounted the stickers onto watercolor stock, chose my thread colors and went to town.  Inside of one week, I managed to embroider 16 card fronts.  I then took a morning to mount them and turn them into cards.  I’ll wait to add sentiments as needed.

                              All in all, it’s been a very productive week and have added many cards to my stash.

I’ll be back next week with 2 granddaughter’s graduations and 1 granddaughter’s dance competition.

Have a great week.


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