In A Far Away Galaxy……..

Happy Thursday to  all,

Wow, what a week this has been for me.  Lots of things going on here with no time to sit around doing nothing.  I’ve been busy, 24/7!  This week I received my August monthly kit from Hero Arts…….well, you know what happens when you get new product…..drop everything and start playing.  At least, in a perfect world that may happen but first things first.

I delivered 61 cards as a donation to Dr. Carlos at MGH Pediatric Chief Residents and they were over-the-moon with them.  Dr. Carlos plans to give one to each Resident during their tough rotations as an inspiration and encouragement for their hard work.

Next, I delivered another 35 cards to Hallmark Health/Hospice here in Malden.  Allison was happy and excited to receive more cards.  Her team plans to send them out to their patients as a bit of kindness as they go through some tough times.

And, who says kindness doesn’t come back to you.  Allison shared a bit of kindness back to me by making me a gift.  Check this out.  It’s absolutely exquisite.  I believe it is all decoupage.  Allison made this with me in mind, a place to keep some supplies.  I plan to use it for my next embroidery project, a place to keep all my threads and needles handy.  I love it and appreciate Allison’s kindness.

Moving forward to this month’s Hero Arts Kit,

I played with some Distress Oxide inks and made up several backgrounds with a galaxy look.  Fun, fun, fun!!!

I used watercolor paper so I placed the dried panels into my paper press to flatten them out a bit.So here are some of the cards that I’ve made to date.  Lots of glitter and sparkle.I grabbed these graphics off the Internet.  Oh, and I do like Blue Moon Beer!!!AND FINALLY, A SNEAK PEEK AT A SPECIAL CARD I’LL SHARE ON INSTAGRAM THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 20.  BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM TO SEE WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT.

SIDE NOTE:  I am anticipating a visit from my son and grandson, Dommy, who will be arriving from Texas Saturday and be staying for about a week. I have suggested that Dommy stay an extra week or so since we have so little time with him.  I think this is a good enough reason to take a short break from card making.  I will post next week but not sure if I’ll have any cards to share.  

Oh, and as a reminder to those of us here in the states, don’t forget to tune in for the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017.  I’ll be there!!!


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Marathon Card Making Week

Hello Friends,

Another week has passed and I’ve been quite productive.  I finished up an order for 60 cards.  Whew, this was a marathon card making week if ever!  I’ll share with you pics of most of the cards. There were 61 cards in total.  As always, I got lots of inspiration from the Internet. And, of course, if you would like more info on any card, just email me at:  abitofmelac@yahoo.comYou can actually scan this with a QR app on your phone and see the message.

This week was my daughter Veronica’s birthday, who loves pizza!

Of course, there was money tucked behind the pizza.So there you have it, another crazy week here at the “Big C” Compound.

Also, as a reminder, you can follow me on Instagram:         BE SURE TO ‘LIKE’ MY POSTS!

See you all next week.


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Love Boat: Exciting and New!

Hello Friends,

So, ask any of my family or friends what the two thing I miss the most about days gone by are: (1) my electric typewriter and (2) my 10-key adding machine.  Fear not as wishes do come true.  While shopping at Savers last weekend with my daughter, I came across ‘vintage office heaven’.  You didn’t have to ask me twice, I quickly nabbed these items, placed them into my carriage and guarded them until I reached the checkout line. I then quickly sped to my car to securely lock them in my trunk.  I wasn’t taking any chances!  I am absolutely in my HAPPY PLACE.  Call me crazy but thinking of my old typewriter and adding machine bring back such great memories.  And, I was quick on them, Speedy Gonzalez, a mile a minute, Queen of the keys.  Needed something typed up quickly, I was the person.  Needed your books balanced, no problem.  I left my mark as the fastest button pusher ever, a title I proudly carry this title to this day.  So here are my gems.

A Smith-Corona Wordsmith SC110 Dictionary electric typewriter in perfect working condition, $9.99

A Sharp adding machine, $4.99.And, as a bonus (if these office machines weren’t enough) a little baby sewing machine, not that I needed another sewing machine but this was too cute to pass up.  I thought it would be perfect to do some sewing on my cards.  Much quicker and easier than using my regular machine.  I did need to change the adapter plug but all works great!

A Lil Sew & Sew machine, $5.99.

My next new addition to my craft space is the complete set of Distress Oxide inks & refills, plus a swivel storage to house everything!  I’ve been fighting with inks and storage for years and finally decided to take the plunge and just get it all.  I got the complete set from Etsy. is 2 sided and turns with storage on the top for the re-inkers.  Of course, if new colors are released, I’ll need another.  This one holds 48 ink pads.  I got it from I needed to give the Distress Oxide inks a try and did some simple blended backgrounds.  These inks are fantastic and makes a truly bad stamper look good!  I’ll be making these into cards soon.

I also wanted to let those of you who are interested that I’m back on Instagram.  I took a vacation for a few months but now will be posting only ONE pic per day.  Here’s the link:

I’m still working on donation cards.  I need 60 for one order so that’s taking priority on my list of things to do.  I’m about half way through and hoping to have all 60 cards ready by next week or so when I’ll share with you.

In the meantime, enjoy the remaining 4 weeks of summer.  I, for one, can’t wait for Autumn and the cooler weather.  After a long, hot summer of hibernating with the a/c’s, it’s my time for re-birth!


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Christmas in July

Happy Thursday to all,

All I’m seeing on the internet is “CHRISTMAS IN JULY”,  posts, sales, pics, videos, everywhere, so I figure, why not get on the bandwagon.

My friend who lives in Florida placed an order for Christmas cards.  I set forth to making a bunch of cards when I realized there isn’t any snow in Florida.  Being from New England, a white Christmas is typical but sometimes I forget that not everyone lives in New England so I had to step it up a bit to include Christmas in warmer climates where there is no snow. Who would have thought I’d be making holiday cards with palm trees!!!

Here are the cards I made specifically for my friend in Florida.

On all three cards, I used the Brother SNC mostly with a bit of hand cutting as well. A holiday Flamingo, so shouting “Florida”!

A decorated palm tree and why not?A beautiful, sunny and sandy beach to celebrate the holidays.  Wouldn’t this be a great change from a New England snow storm?I have already shipped these out and they loved them.  Sometimes we just have to think outside the box.

I also had an order for a baby boy shower with a nautical theme.  Here’s what I came up with.

Ahoy, It’s a Boy banner.

Mom-to-be pin and cupcake toppers.And a office pool calendar to take a guess when baby will arrive.Finally, a matching card to accompany my gift.

So there you have it, another week at the Big C card making compound.  I’m presently working on Share Kindness donations.  I’m up to my eyeballs in cards.  Oh, and I ordered (again) some more new supplies.  Come back next week to see my progress and goodies!


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Life at the ‘Big C’ Compound

Good Morning Friends,

Wow, what another totally crazy week here at the “Big C” Compound.  It seems the flood doors are opened and things are rolling quickly here.  I do have some cards to share with you but first I want you to see my awesome awnings we added to the front porch.  I’m thrilled with them.  Besides looking fantastic, they were pretty easy to install, do a fantastic job of blocking the high noon sun from my front yard and best ever, they operate using a remote control.  I can sit in command headquarters and operate the awnings up or down. How fun is that!!!

First I want to show you the porch as it was several weeks ago before anything was done.  Nice but plain and no shade at all making it impossible to enjoy the outdoors in the afternoons. We’ve been suffering with this problem for 35 years. So we added painter’s cloth drapes.  When the sun comes out, I just release the drapes, slide them closed and instant shade on the porch.  What a huge difference it makes.  We also added rope lighting inside the porch eave so we have twinkle lights for the evening. They, too, run on remote control.As if this wasn’t enough, the awnings were finally delivered last week and were installed on Friday. This pic shows the awnings fully extended but I can adjust them to wherever I want.  We opted for 2 awnings, each independently operated so I can have shade wherever needed.  FYI: If anyone wants info, I’d be happy to clue you in.  Great price, great quality and great fun!!!  And just so you realize how much of a difference these awnings make, I took the temperature using a infrared temperature gun. On the lawn it read 133 degrees.  On the porch, 84 degrees.  Impressive, huh???

Now onto serious business, cards.  First up are the next 2 cards for the Alphabet swap I’m doing on one of my card making groups.

E is for Elephant. For this card, I used my Brother SNC.F is for feather.  Here I chose to do some embroidery on paper.

Lastly, a few more cards that will be donations for my ‘Share Kindness’ campaign.

A pretty shaker card using tulle and a beautiful layering stamp.Another star shaker card.And finally, a stamped background and vellum card.  I used a white gel pen to highlight the clear embossed flowers and a stamped sentiment on vellum.

I have many, many more cards that I will share with you in the following weeks.  But for now, I’ll leave you with this clue:  Big things will soon be happening here.

Your friend,



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Kindness Cards

Hello Friends,

Wow, what another crazy week.  I’ve been busy almost every day with non-crafty things like computer repairman (to hook up my printers to WiFi), pest control (I have (had) a flying ant issue), Demi and Dommy’s birthdays on Tuesday, doctor appointment (all is good), food shopping (don’t ask) and multiple deliveries every day including (finally) my outside porch awnings.  My household single handedly keeps FEDEX, UPS, private carriers and USPS in business.  I know all the drivers on a first name basis.

I did, however, manage to squeeze out some cards.  This can only happen because I get up before the birds, anytime after 12 midnight.  It’s my quiet time and I can get lots done without interruption.  Plus, I’m making donation cards, using the assembly line method so things go quickly (usually).

These cards below are my most recent endeavor. I’m really making an effort to be a better stamper and have purchased some better quality dyes.  Currently I’m experimenting with Ranger’s Distress Inks.  My goal was to have all the colors but now the new Distress Oxide Inks have caught my attention so I may go with a complete set of those.  Of course, I can’t afford the entire set at once so I’ll buy a few each time they’re on sale somewhere.  But for now, here are some backgrounds that I made using the regular Distress Inks.  These are all earmarked as donation cards.

I used the same 4 ink colors on all the cards.  I used a stencil and sprayed with water, added some sparkle with Wink of Stella, dry embossed, and a bit of glitter paper resulting in 7 different inked backgrounds.  I pulled them all together in various ways to give each card a unique look.  I only made one of each this time.

I plan to do more background using these Distress Inks.  For me, it’s a bit time consuming since I’m still learning but I think the new Oxide inks would work better.  I hope I don’t cave in and purchase the entire lot!!!!

I’ll be back next week with more goodies.  Have a great week.



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Stencil and Inlaid cards

Happy Friday to all,

This week has been sort of crazy and hectic with the 4th of July  and a long weekend for everyone.  These long weekend holidays just cut into my card making time so I don’t have lots to share.  A few cards that I did manage to make are a bit of this and that.

Here are 2 rainbow stencil cards.  Stenciling was big a few years back but now is making a comeback.  Easily done, stenciling adds so much to the background of a simple card.

Next, another stencil, this time clouds.

These next cards are inlaid cards.  Great thing here is you get 2 cards with each die cut.

I have been trying to get ahead of my  cards that I will be donating.  I think, so far, I’ve made about 150 cards which I will share with you soon.

Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to come back next week for more goodies.



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