Finally, Holiday Cards

Hello friends,

Happy Thursday to all.  Hope your week is going smoothly.  For me, no crafting but long awaited and much needed housework.  Where does all the ‘stuff’ come from?

Not sure if I will be posting next Thursday as it will be Thanksgiving so let me wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Is everyone having turkey?  I will be cooking 2 turkey breasts.  These are perfect for my family since no one likes the wings or drumsticks. The usual trimmings, a pie and some nuts and call it a day!  Of course, I’m sure football will be on all televisions here.  My cue to take a walk or nap LOL.

Fast forward to Christmas.  Everything is going so quickly with all the stores in full gear.  Overstocked and bulging shelves makes me wonder…..what’s the holiday season all about, anyway????  I’m good to go, all gifts purchased (mostly money and gift cards) and cards addressed and ready to be mailed.  I’m now planning the menu for Christmas Eve but basically the same I have every year since they are the family’s favorites.  I’ll post more about my menu as time approaches.

GIFT ALERT:  To my family and friends who usually receive hand made gifts from me each year….well, not this year.  Simply put, I’ve run out of ideas and energy.  An idea has to come to me with excitement and frankly, nothing this past year has stood out as quick, easy and useful.  With this said, I am foregoing handmade gifts for this year and hope that within the next year, I find something that catches my eye.

Onto holiday cards that I’ve made for this year.  I actually started back in March making cards.  All my cards are pretty simple.  I had a few orders, many donations cards and cards for my personal use so there was a lot of cards to make.  I will share a few with you each week.  If anyone wants further info on any card, just email me and I’ll try to help….if I can remember that far back LOL.

For this card, I printed the snowflake background paper with the music line and the sentiment.  I added little rhinestones to the music notes.

For this card, I used my Brother Scan N Cut to cut the lamp post and a small punch for the leaves tied with a small piece of red twine. Lastly, again I used my Brother Scan N Cut to cut the landscape scene from embossed white stock and a small hand punch for the snowflakes.All these cards are easy and straight forward.  When you are making a couple hundred cards they have to be streamlined for mass production.  I believe I made 4 of each design.

Are you working on cards?  Gifts?  Home decor?  Time is passing quickly so get moving!!!



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CASE Cards – Autumn/Thanksgiving

Good Morning,

Back again this week to share some Autumn and Thanksgiving cards.  These cards I actually made last year.  Why they were never posted, I am not sure but they were sitting in my folder patiently waiting their turn.  They are CASE cards so thanks to the original designers for their inspiration.

YOURS                                                            MINE


I will be back next week with some more Autumn/Thanksgiving cards that I made this year.  And after that, I will be posting about my Winter/Holiday cards for 2017.

On the Boston weather front, it is going to be a frigid weekend here.  How can you go from close to 90 degrees an couple of weeks ago to 17 degrees this weekend????  Only in Boston.  Gotta love New England weather.



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Back in Business – YEAH!

Good Morning all,

Well, I’m back in business, computer wise.  Armed with a new Mac Book Air and all my programs and files in place, I’m feeling less stressed.  We all go through such computer experiences from time to time and its not like I have super important things stored on my computer.  But years and years of work and files would have been a huge loss for me if I were unable to retrieve them.  I lucked out this time but have learned some important lessons.  Always back up my system at least monthly.  And always have all my files/documents also backed up to a separate external HD.

Today I will share with you more cards from the ‘Alphabet Swap’ that I am participating in on one of my card groups.  I think I ended with the letter”F” but I will share with you the A-H cards that have already been swapped with my partners.  You may recall my theme for this swap is the childhood ball game, “A, My Name is Alice”.  You can read my original post here on January 2017.


With Halloween over it’s time to move forward to Thanksgiving.  I will share some cards with you over the next 2 weeks.

Enjoying the crisp autumn weather and leaf keeping every day.  Where do all these leaves come from????



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OCD or Just Plain Crazy

Hi Friends,

I’m back in business (at least for the moment).  Computer issues have been a nightmare this week.  My Macbook Pro has given me all it is going to give.  In the interim, I have been using my daughter’s PC but since I had a Mac, nothing is compatible.  A new Mac is out of the question for now so my other daughter, Veronica, has graciously given me her Mac.  I’ve been in the process of transferring files to this newer Mac.  However, I neglected to realize that the newer Mac’s do NOT have any way to install programs from a CD.  So although I have my files on this new computer, I can’t access any Word documents.  I’ve ordered an external CD drive which I am hoping will enable me to install the programs that I use.  The drive will be delivered today so if you hear screams later, it’s me!!!

I did manage to upload pics from my iPhone and will share with you only one pic this week.  Background info:  My friend Robin had sent me some Morning Glory seeds a few years ago and I love how then hide the chain link fence around my home.  However, when the end of the season approaches, they begin to drop seeds which, in another situation, would be perfect.  However, with my artificial sod I do not want seeds sprouting in the grass next spring.  Problem:  How to remove the thousands of seeds that have dropped onto the lawn.  Idea:  Why not vacuum them up.  I do have an industrial wet/dry vac but was a bit lazy about retrieving it from the basement.  Why not use my regular Shark????  Hence, the photo of me vacuuming my grass LOL LOL LOL.  For a moment, I felt a bit OCD and thought what my neighbors may think if they saw me vacuuming my grass.  Once I saw how quickly and efficiently this was going, I was thrilled with my hair-brained idea.  Who cares what the neighbors think.  I’m getting the job done and with little effort.  In no time I was done and the lawn looked fantastically clean of seeds.  Hopefully, next spring I will only have to deal with a few stray sprouts.

So there you have it for another week at the Compound.  I’m planning a regular post of cards for next week, baring any more major computer problems.

Regards to all,


PS:  Oh, and hope you all have a fantastic Halloween.


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Technical Difficulties

Hi friends

Sad day here.  My MacBook Pro is in Mac heaven.  I am in the process of trying to set up another MacBook but not really knowing what I’m doing, it is a rather long…..long…..long process.  I’ll try to get my regular weekly post up asap.

Hoping you hear from me soon,


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Hi All,

Happy that you are here with me today.  Seems like the weeks are just flying by.  I’m not ready to share Christmas/Holiday cards yet. Time is passing quickly enough without rushing on December!  So here, today, I’ll share more donation cards with you.  I made these in July and have already been delivered.  This set of cards is for Hallmark Health Hospice in my city.

Using my laminator and foil and adding floral stamping. These stamps are called ‘peg’ stamps which I got years ago while on a shopping field trip to PA.  I still love these stamps.

This card is a remake of a card I made several years ago.  It is always well received and such a classic style. A die cut for the swirls and a few punched flowers.

On this card I used a stamp called Simply Quilled by Clearly Besotted.  I also got to use my great $5 bargain sewing machine that I found at Savers over the summer.  The background is inked with Distress Oxide inks.

Here I combined Distress Oxide inks (new) with a very old and well-used fern stamp (old) and added a few punched butterflies.

More foiling on the diagonal with punched flowers and stamped sentiments.

Pretty paper and foiling, again, on the diagonal.  Very simple but classic.

Oval die cut, punched flower, vellum and flowers in a jar.  Simple water coloring.

This week is closing soon and I have no plans for the weekend.  How about you?  Getting out for some leaf keeping or taking in the beautiful New England autumn vistas?  Since I have faux synthetic lawn (basically some sort of plastic) the leaves just sort of blow off, out into the street and into some other lucky neighbor’s yard!!  LOVE IT!!!

Here is the front of my home with my little lawn area to the right.  Perfectly manicured and it stays a beautiful lawn green all year long!!!  

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See you all again next week.


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Moving Right Along…..

Hi Folks,

It’s pretty bad when a friend emails me wondering where my blog post is for today LOL LOL LOL  This one is for you, Robin!  I was busy doing stuff ……  what, I’m not sure, but this is the first moment I’ve had time to sit down and blog.  Okay, I’ll admit it, I was napping.  The past week has been so hot and humid here in Boston that I haven’t sleep much. With some cooler weather now, I’m just trying to catch up a bit and recharge my energy pack.  Thinking summer was over, we removed all the air conditioners 2 weeks ago.  I should have known better.

I’ve been working on some holiday gift tags for MGHFC (Mass. General Hospital for Children) but they’re not done yet so I’ll post hopefully next week.  In the meantime, here are some encouragement cards I made for MGHFC over the past few weeks.

Getting closer to Halloween and I have already posted all the cards I have made.  I’ll be posting some Autumn and Thanksgiving cards and then onto ‘holiday’ cards so be sure to come back next week to take a looky-see!!!




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