Hi Peeps,

It’s been a lay-low week here as I slowly recover from my spring cleaning.  Geez, each year it takes me longer and longer to complete this inevitable task accompanied with more aftershock aches and pains. I NEED A MAID!  I can say that I’m 99% done as of today. The only chores left are steam cleaning the carpeting (3 floors…ugh) and the kitchen floor. The weather here in Boston has been almost non-stop rain and cool temps so I’m just waiting for some nicer, warmer days to do the carpets.  Then I will move my attention to outside, my garden and finishing up any lingering items on my bucket list from last year’s yard re-do.  My lawn looks great and why shouldn’t it!  I had artificial grass installed last year and now I still have the greenest, most pristine lawn in the neighborhood. I’ve been debating whether to go with retractable awnings, gazebo or something else to shield my front yarn from the intense, hot sun during the summer.  As of yet, no decision has been made except for the decision made by my empty wallet LOL. These things are so expensive. I may go with a cheap beach umbrella and forget about the entire project as I’m frustrated at the prices.  And, of course, all these products are DIY assembly.  No pricing includes delivery and installation.  Or maybe I’ll just put the A/C’s on and stay inside the entire summer???

I’ve started back up on my Cherry Blossom embroidery piece, still working on the stems. Hoping that I can complete this phase soon and move onto the flowers. I still have not decided which stitch I will do for the blossoms.  I guess it would be best to do up some samples and ask you all which you like better.  I’ll try to get to that this week.

Thanks to all who commented on my last week’s post of the scrapbook albums. I appreciate your comments and feedback.

I mentioned previously that I’m participating in an “ALPHABET” swap for one of my card groups.  This time the letter “D”.  As you may recall, I’m following the theme “A, My Name Is Alice” child’s game.  Here is my “D” card sent to my partner.

I embroidered the Dandelion, fussy cut and mounted it to the card front.

I’ll close this week with a few more pics of recently made holiday cards, all CASE cards from the Internet.

YOURS                                                             MINE




Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back next week.


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A Very Special Little Boy

Good Morning,

As promised, today I will be sharing some pics from the 2 scrapbooks I recently made. This 2 album set is special because the star of these scrapbook pages is a sweet little boy named William.  William’s short life touched so many people and although I never met William, I was also touched by his beautiful smile, his happy and cheery little face and his unwavering ability to completely capture everyone’s heart.

In total, there are 40 pages, some of which I will share with you now.  I had 34 pictures to work with and added other pages for notes, memories and letters.  I have used various dies, Scan N Cut, MS Word, quotes from Internet, ribbons, pearls, pearlized envelopes, hand punches, string, and various embellishments.  I also used 2 teddy bear die cuts that I received from Candace in a past card making swap.  Page 22 is a scent page that includes a piece of wool felt inside a clear acetate envelope that can be sprinkled with William’s favorite bath time scent.

PAGE 1 – Quote from the Internet printed on parchment paper.PAGE 2 – William’s first picture.PAGE 3 – William’s stats.PAGE 4 – William and his favorite Auntie, Resa.PAGE 5 – Notes from Auntie Resa enclosed in pearlized envelope.PAGE 6 – William’s sweet dreams.PAGE 7 – William with his Mom and brother, Andrew.PAGE 8 – William’s Christening with family.PAGE 9 – More sleepy time.

PAGE 10 – Envelope page for journaling.PAGE 11 – What a beautiful smile!PAGE 12 – And more beautiful smiles….PAGE 13 – And more beautiful smiles.PAGE 15 – William, Mom and brother, Andrew.PAGE 16 – Butterfly kisses from Mom.PAGE 18 – Play time for William.PAGE 19 – More journaling.PAGE 20 – William just being cute.PAGE 21 – Splish-splash, taking a bath.PAGE 22 – Scent envelope.PAGE 23 – William’s teeny, tiny feet.PAGE 24 – William all dressed up with his neckties.PAGE 25PAGE 26PAGE 27PAGE 28PAGE 29PAGE 30 – (Hashtag) #WILLIAMPAGE 31 – William playing around…such a wise guy!PAGE 32PAGE 33 – Quote from Internet.PAGE 34 – William, the Angel.

The albums were presented to Mom and she is thrilled to have such a wonderful keepsake. It was truly an honor for me to have made this album.  I, too, have been forever touched by beautiful “Sweet William”.

Thanks for visiting my blog this week.  I hope that you all enjoyed meeting William, a truly remarkable little boy.


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Cherry Blossom update and holiday cards

Good Morning,

This week as been semi-productive.  I started my spring cleaning but it’s slow going.  No need to bore you with pics.  We finally are having some seasonal weather so I spent much of my time outside cleaning up my garden.  Things are beginning to sprout and my Crocus have finally bloomed, a sure sign of more to come!  I also sowed some flower seeds from last years bounty, sort of in a haphazard approach so we’ll see what happens.  I’m usually much more organized about what I plant and where but this time, I’ve thrown caution to the wind, literally.

I have started my Cherry Blossom embroidery piece.  I’m making progress but slowly. I am embroidering the branches first in a long & short stitch which seems to take forever. I still have quite a way to go but I haven’t received my new pink embroidery thread yet so I’m in no hurry.

Here is a pic of what’s been accomplished so far.

This is a long piece so it will take time to complete all the branches.

Here you can see where I began at branch #1.  Quite a few missing spaces but as you will notice by #4, I’ve improved.  I’ll go back and fill in the empty spaces. I’m not too worried about this since there will be lots of blossoms covering the branches.

I’m still undecided as to which stitch I will use for the actual flowers, Lazy Daisy stitch or French Knots.  I’m going to see if I can put up a poll for next week and get your vote as to which stitch you like better.  Not promising this will actually happen since I’m not very sure of how to include a poll here in my post.

I think that next week I will finally be able to share my baby William’s scrapbook albums.

In the meantime, I’ll share a couple  more holiday cards that I recently made up. Thanks to the original designers for their inspiration.

YOURS                                                MINE



Be sure to check in next week to see my embroidery progress and if I was successful in putting up a poll.  Gotta love all this hi-tech stuff!!!



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Holiday Cards and a New Project

Good Morning,

Have you noticed that I’ve been absent for 2 weeks?  Well, truth is, I had nothing to share. After a marathon week of making holiday cards and completing 2 baby scrapbooks, I was fizzled out!  I need to take a break, re-group and clean up.

I made a total of 118 holiday cards, some for orders, some for me.  For now, I will put holiday cards on hold.  I also delivered the 2 completed baby scrapbooks, totaling over 40 pages (which I’ll share soon).  I’d say that’s enough paper crafting for awhile.

I’ll share with you this week a 3 of my CASE holiday cards.  I have been using my Scan N Cut a lot lately so I started with some die cut cards.  I have lots of SVG files but also found more on the Internet.

      YOURS                                                                        MINE




I’ll post more next week.

I’ve been idle for one week and thinking about a new project. I know I would like to do some embroidery but not sure what so I checked out Pinterest.  Nothing was jumping out until I came across this pic of cherry blossoms.

Isn’t this gorgeous?  I struck me immediately as something I would like to make. However, scouring the internet for instructions/pattern, I found nothing other than a pic of the finished project by Judi Miller.  Now what???  Well, something like no pattern has never stopped me before so I simply printed a pic (standard size) and also printed an enlarged copy (200%). I used my light box and transferred the branches to make a similar pattern.  It looks as if the branches are done with a fill stitch and the flowers appear to be simple lazy daisies placed randomly.

I also saw another piece made up with French Knots so I may do a trial to see which style flower I like best.

I had a large piece of cream linen (20″ x 27″) and transferred the branch lines. That will be the first stitching I do.  Once that is done, I will gather up several pinks and begin the daisies.  Of course, I don’t have 5 shades of pink pearl cotton #8 so I’ll have to decide whether to buy or find some regular floss from my stash.  Anyway, I’ll begin stitching the branches and post updates as I progress.

I think we’re done with snow here in New England but now the rains have moved in putting my spring house cleaning and garden clean up on hold.  However, after tomorrow we should fall into a warm weather pattern so I’ll be changing hats and become the ‘cleaning lady’ for a few weeks, not that I won’t fit in some embroidery time!

So there you have it.  Until next week, enjoy the wonderful spring weather.


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Slow Week

Good Morning,

Other than the anticipated excitement of the predicted major blizzard this week, not much else has been going on here.  The blizzard wound up not being as big a deal as the weather people were forecasting.  Here, just north of Boston, we only got about 6 inches of snow. The only messy part was that the snow turned to rain and made shoveling very heavy. But I sat inside, warm, cozy and crafting.

First on my agenda was to get some mending out of the way, way too boring to post about.

Next, I’ve almost finished with the baby scrapbook, just waiting on a few last details.

With all the snow falling, I’ve backtracked into Christmas mode again and am now working on 2017 holiday cards.  Nothing to show yet but I’m planning on making about 100 cards as the first go-around.

I do have some CASE cards that I made up recently and will share them with you now.

   YOURS                                                MINE

This first birthday card I made for my BFF, Robin.  She got herself a new sewing machine and will soon be sewing up a storm.


This birthday card I made for my SIL.


These next 3 cards I am calling “Inside-Out” cards.  I found some nice graphics on the Internet to use for the card fronts.  The first graphic I printed out was too large for the card front.  I got to thinking, it’s big enough to fit the entire card base when unfolded so why not use the large graphic on both the front and back of the card base. When you open the card and stand it on end, you see the entire design.




So if you’re like me and print the wrong size graphic that you need, here’s a good use for those large oops designs.

Thanks for visiting me.  See you all next week.





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Hi Peeps,

So what is up with this crazy weather???  Last week we had days in the low 70’s.  This coming week we’re getting snow again.  Not sure how much but the weather reports say a coating to 11 inches, so who knows.  Just when I thought Spring was actually just around the corner, this happens.  Gotta love NEW ENGLAND weather.

Although I’ve been crazy busy this week, I don’t have much to show yet. I have dedicated most of my time this past week working on the  scrapbook that I mention to you last week. I’m nearing the end and will share pics when finally completed.

I can, however, share a few CASE cards that I made up recently.

                                YOURS                                                          MINE

I made this first card for my granddaughter, Rhemi, who celebrated her 20th birthday yesterday.  HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY, RHEMI!


My daughter, Carly, graduated from Suffolk University recently and was awarded two master’s degrees.  Here is the card that I made up for her. I found a Suffolk University logo and added it for a personalized touch.


Lastly, I am participating in an Asian themed ATC/APC swap.  I opted to go with the larger APC to allow for more work space.  I haven’t made any ATC’s or APC for quite some time so it was fun to get back into the groove. Here are my 4 swap APC’s along with the inspiration found on the Internet.

 INSPIRATION                                   MY VERSION


This APC is actually a paper doll.  The doll is removable and has extra kimonos.


So there we are, another productive week here.  Hope you all have a great week and enjoy what I’m hoping is our last snowfall for this year!!!



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Hello friends,

Last week on Tuesday, I was complaining that I really didn’t have any new projects lined up.  Well, what a difference a day makes. By the next day, Wednesday, the sky opened up and I was rained upon…..with orders.

First, I have been commissioned to make 50 Christmas cards.  No hurry here but something to begin planning.  Who can think of the holidays again when it seems they just passed but now is the time to start working on some ideas. I don’t know why the craft stores don’t keep holiday items on the shelves all year long.  They surely must know by now that crafters work all year long on all projects.  I will check in on my stash to see what I have on hand and work from there for now.

Next, I have been asked to make a special baby quilt using some of the clothing from a very precious baby.  Not sure how I will approach this but will sort it out when I meet with the Mom.

Next on the list and what I am currently working on is a baby scrapbook for the same little baby.  I’ve gathered some supplies, have been browsing the Internet for some inspiration and have come up with a theme.  Once the first page is completed, I’ll post a pic and then continue posting pics of subsequent pages until the book is finished.

And finally, I finished up my donation cards.  In all, I made 25 Easter/Spring cards, 17 Mother’s Day cards, and 17 Father’s Day cards.  Not bad for one week’s work.

Here are some pics of the last batch I made.  I used a variety of techniques, dies, graphics, inks and even some hand cutting.  Lots of inspiration from Pinterest.  These will all be mailed to Card Care Connection this week.   For more info click here,

Mother’s Day Cards142-17-lac-ccc143-17-lac-ccc144-17-lac-cccFather’s Day Cards141-17-lac-ccc140-17-lac-ccc

So there you have it, another week in my hectic craft room.  Today I will enjoy the beautiful spring weather here in Boston because this weekend, a reality check, back to winter with temps in the 20’s!

See you again next week.


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