Queen (Dog) for a Day and Some Cards

Hello friends,

So you know when things are going smoothly and no complaints?  Well, just wait a minute for things to change!  We had a dog for a day. I found this beautiful Husky roaming my very busy street.  She wandered into my yard then right up my stairs and into my house.  I actually thought she was the dog that lives next door so I dutifully went to return her to her owner. Was I surprised to see my neighbor’s dog inside their home?  So who in the heck was this pup I rescued from roaming the streets?  I figured this pup would be staying for a bit so immediately, as all good Italian’s do, decided she needs some comfort food. Spent $20 on dog food only to find out she didn’t like it until I smothered it with Pasta e Fagioli, which she woofed down in a moment’s time.  She was very sweet, obedient and playful and my entire family decided we would keep her. I had to fight them off from going to the pet store to purchase a collar, leash, and toys. This pup has an owner who is probably very worried about her.  She ended up spending the night with us, doing her duty in my garden, digging up 2 plants and peeing on my floor 3 times and my carpet once.  UGH!!!  Through a series of comical phone calls, community news pages on the Internet and Facebook, I found the owner.  When he called me, he was relieved to hear she was being cared for, actually over-cared for and in good spirits. He was at work and wasn’t able to come to get her until after 4pm so we ended up babysitting the dog for the day.  All ended well and Lova, or Blu as we named her, was back home with her owner. Actually, she seemed a bit hesitant to leave us what with all the attention and care she was getting. The owner actually had to pick her up and place her into his car. And to boot, they live only 2 houses away so  I’m sure we will be seeing our “Pup for a Day” again. Here’s her pic, a beautiful Husky.

With Blu safely home, it’s back to cardmaking.

I’ll start with some Art Impression watercolor cards. These are lots of fun, easy to do and well received.  I’m no artist but with the AI way, it makes me look good.  These all are stamped and painted from the Window series.

Die Cut floral sympathy card.

Multi -stamped leaves in rainbow colors.

Mass production of simple stamped floral cards with a variety of sentiments including Birthday, Sympathy, Thank You, Thinking of You, Get Well and Best Wishes.  48 cards in total.

Next week is the Boston Marathon and I was asked to make a banner for a good luck party for a runner hoping to be the winner.  The banner and party were a success and wish Brian success in his endeavor. The words are flanked with silhouettes of a runner from the start to finish line.

I’ll finish up this week’s post with one final card.  My daughter has finally completely recovered from her foot ordeal which lasted 7 months.  She planned to give her plastic surgeon a thank you gift and card.  This is the card I designed for her. Her doctor loved it!!!

See you again soon,





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2 Responses to Queen (Dog) for a Day and Some Cards

  1. Fran says:

    Linda that husky is beautiful! I laughed out loud when you said he liked his food better with pasta fagioli. All of your cards are amazing. But the best is the one you made for your daughter’s doctor. I love it! And so glad that all is good with your daughter’s foot. Seven months is a long time for something to heal and I know your daughter was upset as well as I would be.

  2. Robinongo says:

    Your watercolor cards are beautiful. You did a fabulous job! I really love the card with the multi color ferns. And the doctor card is so cute and funny!

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