It’s Birthday Time, Again

Good Morning,

Seems like the week goes by so fast and it’s time to post again and to celebrate another round of birthdays.  In our family, birthdays always come in 2’s, sometimes the exact same day and others just a few days apart so nothing is ever easy.  I always need cards for 2 family members and each wants their own special day celebrated (usually) which makes eating cake less inviting after you’ve had 8 cakes already LOL.

I’ll start with a non-family birthday card I made this week.  It’s for Mr. D’s co-worker who will be celebrating his 40th birthday this weekend with a surprise party.  Although I have never met him, I do frequently furnish him with ‘left over’ lunches.  I know nothing about him except his eating habits LOL so I will be giving him his own set of divided plastic lunch containers as a gift.  I needed to come up with an idea with not knowing anything about the birthday guy, it was hard. I had to keep it pretty generic. I had an idea:  Since he is turning 40, I wondered how many seconds that would calculate into.  I found an converter on the Internet that converts years into seconds, minutes, etc.  How perfect was this. I also found some mathematical background paper for layering.  Check it out!  I set my design and information in MS Word and printed it out.  So easy, comical and yet generic.  Food for thought.

Next is a card for my SIL who is a Lego lover.  Last year I gave him a card using lego blocks.  This year, I took it a step further and found this graphic on the Internet, printed it out and mounted it onto a card base.  I believe it is the original patent for building bricks from 1958  for what would become known as Legos.

And here is my card.

Finally, I had a request for a birthday card for someone who loves ‘Sally & Jack’ from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.  Again, I found graphics on the internet and turned them into this card.  I have never watch the movie and had no idea who Sally & Jack were so I needed to do some research first.  Hmmmmm, interesting.

So there you have it for another week.  My next round of birthdays isn’t until next February, my granddaughter Annabelle on February 21 along with the expected birth of a new granddaughter…..when you ask?   February 21.  Okay, I give up.  My 2 youngest grandchildren, Demi and Dommy share their birthdays on July 11.  Fate, coincidence or just pure luck?????  You tell me.


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One Response to It’s Birthday Time, Again

  1. Fran says:

    Love your Birthday cards!
    Hugs, Fran

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