Stencil and Inlaid cards

Happy Friday to all,

This week has been sort of crazy and hectic with the 4th of July  and a long weekend for everyone.  These long weekend holidays just cut into my card making time so I don’t have lots to share.  A few cards that I did manage to make are a bit of this and that.

Here are 2 rainbow stencil cards.  Stenciling was big a few years back but now is making a comeback.  Easily done, stenciling adds so much to the background of a simple card.

Next, another stencil, this time clouds.

These next cards are inlaid cards.  Great thing here is you get 2 cards with each die cut.

I have been trying to get ahead of my  cards that I will be donating.  I think, so far, I’ve made about 150 cards which I will share with you soon.

Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to come back next week for more goodies.



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One Response to Stencil and Inlaid cards

  1. Fran says:

    Love all your cards especially the stencil ones. Hugs, Fran

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