Good Morning Friends,

So here in Boston the spring weather has been a bit fickled.  One day it’s 98 degrees, the next it’s 54 degrees.  My poor garden doesn’t know what to do.  My Wisteria tree did better this year but still not its usual, glorious, knockout spectacle.   Usually the flowers blossom first and then the leaves.  This year, because of the crazy hot/cool weather, the blossoms were reluctant to fully bloom but the leaves continued to do their thing.  Hence, a tree with both blooms and greenery.  It still looks beautiful.  My Lilacs and Peonies bloom and passed and now the Iris are ready to explode with their deepest, darkest purple color.  I’ll take more pics this week if the weather cooperates.  I’m seeing lots of purples in my garden. Do I have some sort of theme going on???

This past Saturday I attended my daughter Carly’s graduation ceremony from Suffolk University, Sawyer School of Business.  She received her  dual masters, MBA/MSA.  We dined out after with a delicious celebratory meal.

Other than that, there isn’t much more happening here except that tomorrow is my birthday but I don’t go there anymore LOL.  I’m trying to forget.

See you all next week with hopefully, a more interesting post.


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