Hello friends,

Okay, what’s going on???  Babies galore.  In one week, I’ve had 2 orders for new baby girl quilts.  And, the same theme, ELEPHANTS.  And the same base color, grey.  One with yellow, the second with pink.  I have done several baby quilts now with grey as the base color. I believe we have a trend going on here.   QUESTION FOR YOU ALL:  IS IT GRAY OR GREY????  Which to you mostly use?

So this week, I’ve finished up the first of the elephant quilts, for little Evangeline born 2 weeks ago. Grey was the theme and I added yellow as the secondary color.  I also made a matching pillow. For baby girl quilts I like to added a ruffle. Simple hand tied knots finish it up.

Here are my fabric choices for the 2nd elephant quilt in pink.

In the midsts of sewing, I stopped to make a CASE graduation card for an order.

 YOURS                                                              MINE



That’s all for this week.  Hoping the weather will warm up so I can get outside and do some planting.  Still haven’t made a decision on the awnings for my front yard but now I’m looking into solar shades for the porch instead.  Hopefully, I’ll find something I like and can afford!!

Until next week,



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