Good Morning,

I’m a day late this week.  Excuse:   I wanted to take some pics for you but my phone was hungry and needed to be charged. By the time I remembered, it was too dark for pics so here we go today.

Up first, pics of my topic this week – FAILURE (at least for the moment).  Remember the pic of the Cherry Blossom embroidered piece I showed you a few weeks ago? An ambitious project to say the least.

I finally finished up embroidering all the branches.  Not too bad although I think the brown is a bit dark but thought most of the branches would be covered by flowers so I went with it.I then started with the flowers and quickly found that what was in my head was not translating to the piece. I was not able to find DMC Perle Cotton in the 5 shades of pink so I had to go with regular DMC embroidery floss.  I tried all 6 strands – too thick and hard to embroider on this particular fabric.  I then went down to 3 strands which stitched better but didn’t cover as much territory as I had  wanted which meant I would have to stitch more flowers. I tried the Lazy Daisy stitch which did resemble the sample photo. I also tried some French Knots which were pretty didn’t resemble the sample at all.  After many tries with different amounts of floss strands, different needles, different stitches, I concluded that this AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!!  The Lazy Daisy flowers took longer to embroider which means, with all the flowers I would have to embroidery, it might take me at least 1 year to stitch all the flowers to fill in the branches.  So what to do????  I have put the piece in my UFO file and will wait until I come up with a better idea.  I took a better look at the sample pic and thought that perhaps the flowers were done using silk ribbon.  I do have lots of silk ribbon for embroidery but not 5 shades of pinks and do not want to invest in purchasing lots and lots of pink silk ribbon at this time.  So I’ll wait until I can come up with something more to my liking.

So what to do now?  Move onto a new project, a baby quilt.  Finally, after months of waiting, babies are being born. First to arrive is a baby girl so this is the quilt I will be making, inspiration from the Internet.  I don’t have a pattern but it’s pretty straight forward.

                                    Mom’s color choice- GREY.  I like the looks of this little quilt so I’ve taken the liberty of adding the yellow.  Here are my fabric choices.

Here’s is what I’ve accomplished so far.

One last pic. I received some flower bulbs and seeds from my friend, Winnie, from the Netherlands.  I eagerly planted the seeds and bulbs and patiently awaited signs of growth. The bulbs probably won’t produce until next year but the seeds should sprout quickly and they did.  Happy Day! until, when I checked on them, this is what I found. Notice the impression on the left.  That’s where a dang squirrel decided to hop up onto the pot and dig through the dirt looking for his nut stash!  In doing so, he disrupted the tiny seedlings. Thanks Mr. Squirrel #@*&%$  I gently coaxed them back into the dirt but I’m not hopeful that they will rejuvenate themselves back into existence.  Wouldn’t mind but I do feed the birds (and the thieving squirrels) regularly so please keep out of my flowers.  Check out the grape Hyacinths and the Daffodils – such beautiful colors and  abundant show this spring.

Another week with surprising adventures. Be sure to check back next week for updates. And also be sure to check me out on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/linda42c/



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  1. Winnie says:

    What a shame the squirrel decided to mess up the seeds, hopefully they will bloom after all, you never know.

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