A Very Special Little Boy

Good Morning,

As promised, today I will be sharing some pics from the 2 scrapbooks I recently made. This 2 album set is special because the star of these scrapbook pages is a sweet little boy named William.  William’s short life touched so many people and although I never met William, I was also touched by his beautiful smile, his happy and cheery little face and his unwavering ability to completely capture everyone’s heart.

In total, there are 40 pages, some of which I will share with you now.  I had 34 pictures to work with and added other pages for notes, memories and letters.  I have used various dies, Scan N Cut, MS Word, quotes from Internet, ribbons, pearls, pearlized envelopes, hand punches, string, and various embellishments.  I also used 2 teddy bear die cuts that I received from Candace in a past card making swap.  Page 22 is a scent page that includes a piece of wool felt inside a clear acetate envelope that can be sprinkled with William’s favorite bath time scent.

PAGE 1 – Quote from the Internet printed on parchment paper.PAGE 2 – William’s first picture.PAGE 3 – William’s stats.PAGE 4 – William and his favorite Auntie, Resa.PAGE 5 – Notes from Auntie Resa enclosed in pearlized envelope.PAGE 6 – William’s sweet dreams.PAGE 7 – William with his Mom and brother, Andrew.PAGE 8 – William’s Christening with family.PAGE 9 – More sleepy time.

PAGE 10 – Envelope page for journaling.PAGE 11 – What a beautiful smile!PAGE 12 – And more beautiful smiles….PAGE 13 – And more beautiful smiles.PAGE 15 – William, Mom and brother, Andrew.PAGE 16 – Butterfly kisses from Mom.PAGE 18 – Play time for William.PAGE 19 – More journaling.PAGE 20 – William just being cute.PAGE 21 – Splish-splash, taking a bath.PAGE 22 – Scent envelope.PAGE 23 – William’s teeny, tiny feet.PAGE 24 – William all dressed up with his neckties.PAGE 25PAGE 26PAGE 27PAGE 28PAGE 29PAGE 30 – (Hashtag) #WILLIAMPAGE 31 – William playing around…such a wise guy!PAGE 32PAGE 33 – Quote from Internet.PAGE 34 – William, the Angel.

The albums were presented to Mom and she is thrilled to have such a wonderful keepsake. It was truly an honor for me to have made this album.  I, too, have been forever touched by beautiful “Sweet William”.

Thanks for visiting my blog this week.  I hope that you all enjoyed meeting William, a truly remarkable little boy.


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7 Responses to A Very Special Little Boy

  1. Robinongo says:

    Linda, William’s scrapbook is so clever. What a sweet boy–you captured his personality and I can see why he captured everyone’s hearts. All the extras–pockets for journaling and more–just beautiful! 👣

  2. Linda, what a dear, sweet baby! You did a beautiful job with the scrapbook. What a ray of sunshine.I, too, can see why he captured everyone’s hearts.

  3. Linda, You did a beautiful job with both the elements of the pages and capturing this sweet little angel.

  4. Teresa says:


    Words can’t express the gratitude for all the hard work you put into making this book for his mom. The level of detail and personal touches that you put into making such a wonderful keepsake for her to remember her wonderful little boy was truly touching. I’m so very happy to have been able to share his story with someone who truly captured what he meant to those fortunate enough to meet him.

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