Holiday Cards and a New Project

Good Morning,

Have you noticed that I’ve been absent for 2 weeks?  Well, truth is, I had nothing to share. After a marathon week of making holiday cards and completing 2 baby scrapbooks, I was fizzled out!  I need to take a break, re-group and clean up.

I made a total of 118 holiday cards, some for orders, some for me.  For now, I will put holiday cards on hold.  I also delivered the 2 completed baby scrapbooks, totaling over 40 pages (which I’ll share soon).  I’d say that’s enough paper crafting for awhile.

I’ll share with you this week a 3 of my CASE holiday cards.  I have been using my Scan N Cut a lot lately so I started with some die cut cards.  I have lots of SVG files but also found more on the Internet.

      YOURS                                                                        MINE




I’ll post more next week.

I’ve been idle for one week and thinking about a new project. I know I would like to do some embroidery but not sure what so I checked out Pinterest.  Nothing was jumping out until I came across this pic of cherry blossoms.

Isn’t this gorgeous?  I struck me immediately as something I would like to make. However, scouring the internet for instructions/pattern, I found nothing other than a pic of the finished project by Judi Miller.  Now what???  Well, something like no pattern has never stopped me before so I simply printed a pic (standard size) and also printed an enlarged copy (200%). I used my light box and transferred the branches to make a similar pattern.  It looks as if the branches are done with a fill stitch and the flowers appear to be simple lazy daisies placed randomly.

I also saw another piece made up with French Knots so I may do a trial to see which style flower I like best.

I had a large piece of cream linen (20″ x 27″) and transferred the branch lines. That will be the first stitching I do.  Once that is done, I will gather up several pinks and begin the daisies.  Of course, I don’t have 5 shades of pink pearl cotton #8 so I’ll have to decide whether to buy or find some regular floss from my stash.  Anyway, I’ll begin stitching the branches and post updates as I progress.

I think we’re done with snow here in New England but now the rains have moved in putting my spring house cleaning and garden clean up on hold.  However, after tomorrow we should fall into a warm weather pattern so I’ll be changing hats and become the ‘cleaning lady’ for a few weeks, not that I won’t fit in some embroidery time!

So there you have it.  Until next week, enjoy the wonderful spring weather.


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3 Responses to Holiday Cards and a New Project

  1. Toniann Carbone says:

    I love the flowing cherry blossoms the best that is on a canvas.

  2. Winnie says:

    Wow Linda, you made some fantastic cards, I just love the detailed die cuts. And I can imagine why you’re drawn to the cherry blossom pieces, so am I, they are just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your version!

  3. Fran says:

    Your Christmas cards are awesome. The de cuts are outstanding . I love the cherry blossom piece a lot but I am drawn to the French knots piece. I made a pillow long ago using French knots and I loved it. I can’t wait to see what you do and I know it will be beautiful. Hugs, Fran

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