Slow Week

Good Morning,

Other than the anticipated excitement of the predicted major blizzard this week, not much else has been going on here.  The blizzard wound up not being as big a deal as the weather people were forecasting.  Here, just north of Boston, we only got about 6 inches of snow. The only messy part was that the snow turned to rain and made shoveling very heavy. But I sat inside, warm, cozy and crafting.

First on my agenda was to get some mending out of the way, way too boring to post about.

Next, I’ve almost finished with the baby scrapbook, just waiting on a few last details.

With all the snow falling, I’ve backtracked into Christmas mode again and am now working on 2017 holiday cards.  Nothing to show yet but I’m planning on making about 100 cards as the first go-around.

I do have some CASE cards that I made up recently and will share them with you now.

   YOURS                                                MINE

This first birthday card I made for my BFF, Robin.  She got herself a new sewing machine and will soon be sewing up a storm.


This birthday card I made for my SIL.


These next 3 cards I am calling “Inside-Out” cards.  I found some nice graphics on the Internet to use for the card fronts.  The first graphic I printed out was too large for the card front.  I got to thinking, it’s big enough to fit the entire card base when unfolded so why not use the large graphic on both the front and back of the card base. When you open the card and stand it on end, you see the entire design.




So if you’re like me and print the wrong size graphic that you need, here’s a good use for those large oops designs.

Thanks for visiting me.  See you all next week.





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4 Responses to Slow Week

  1. Winnie says:

    these cards are so cool Linda, I love the butterfly ones but I also really like the sewing machine card. Robin will love it for sure.

  2. Robin says:

    Trademark your inside out cards. What a great idea!

  3. Fran says:

    Your cards are awesome! I love the sewing card a lot. And your inside out cards are remarkable. I agree you should trademark them. I have never seen your idea any where. You are one creative lady! I cannot believe you only got 6″ of snow. We got 8 inches with tons of sleet which made everything very icy. Just a mess!

  4. Janis says:

    Simply beautiful!

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