Last Minute projects

Happy Holidays,

Ok, so what happened to the last 5o weeks of this year?  Why is it that we know the holidays come every December yet we procrastinate right up to the very last moment?  I’m always way ahead and I did get all my shopping, wrapping and mailing done early. However, this week before Christmas is always a mad dash no matter how much you plan and how much you get done ahead of time.  Guess this is what makes the holidays such a ‘fun’ time!!!

This week I made a hat for my granddaughter, Demi.  She needed a hat to cover her ears, not to be found in any stores, so I made her one myself.  Nothing special but certainly functional. She’s not sure about this thing on her head and the tie around her chin but she has been agreeable to wear it.  She’s more interested in the mittens.  I bought some suspender clips, crocheted a long cord, attached the clips and ran the entire thing through the sleeves of her jacket.  Remember that?  When I was a kid, my Mom always had my mittens on a cord so I wouldn’t lose them.  Old things are new again.

Miss Demi modeling her new hat.lac-hat-1-2-16And the mittens with the clips.lac-mitten-clip-12-2016

So I needed a gift and wanted to give chocolates.  I’ve been lucky enough in the past to spoiled with boxes of See’s Candies that my cousin Diana sends to me from San Francisco. And, since a family friend was coming from SF to Boston for the holidays, I asked if she would pick me up some candy.  A 2 lb. box of assorted See’s chocolates, a chocolate-lovers delight.  Of course, after getting the candy from my friend, I found out that See’s Candies has a store not too far from me and that I could have purchased them myself.  Who knew!lac-for-anson-2016

Next, I wanted to share 2 pics of a little Christmas tree I made probably some 30 years ago. The glass dome broke long time ago but the tree has still survived. It also had a little music box but that, too, didn’t last.  I made this way back when all crafting was done by hand, no tools, no machines, nothing pre-made.  I actually beaded each branch separately and then built up the tree.  I did manage to find some miniatures to use a decorations. However, the craziest tree decorations are 3 pencils, yes I said pencils.  Look at the size of these, they once were full size pencils but were sharpened down to stubs, still being used as pencils. One is from my Mom, the white one. The others were actual pencils used by my son for school work. How frugal!!

Holiday tree.lac-tree-2Is this even possible?img_3408Here’s the original instruction booklet I got years ago.  It was printed in 1987.lac-tree-booklet

Lastly, I have some pics to share of a project that I didn’t make myself.  I did help a bit along the way but Mr. D, himself, actually made this.  He was asked if he could make a cribbage board, not too hard you would think.  Also, it had to be in the shape of  a dinosaur.  Okay, that could be done.  Well, one could never have imagined that this would be so complicated.  Just the planning and drawing stages were enough to drive you crazy. It took forever to get things perfectly aligned with all those tiny holes and such.  And the shape of the dinosaur didn’t lend itself to easily doing the math.  Odd shape and lots of curves made it difficult, but not impossible.  Again, this little row boat turned into the “Queen Mary”.  Remember the paper press Mr. D made for me back in March? That turned into a huge project just as this cribbage has done. But perseverance paid off and the dinosaur cribbage board was conquered.  My contribution was adding the small gold stickers to denote the spacing, etc.  It took a lot of brainstorming but I thought the sticker waste dots and thin border strips  normally used in card making would work and they did. A couple of coats of sealer and they’re permanently attached to the board.

Dinosaur cribbage board set.  To complete the cribbage board, dinosaur playing cards and fancy pegs were added.lac-cribbage-board-1-12-2016Closeup of stickers.lac-cribbage-board-closeup-12-2016And here’s the card to match.lac-dino-xmas-kelly-2016

So ask if another would ever be made——-probably not. This will be a ‘one-of-a-kind’ gift.

There you have it, how I’m spending my last few days before Christmas. Oh, and not to mention that I am in the process of making pizzas, some for us, some as gifts.  And, of course, all the cooking for Christmas eve and Christmas day.  I’ll try to remember to take some pics but food is big here and doesn’t usually wait around for a picture!

I wish everyone a ver happy holiday, no matter how you celebrate.  All is good and all is beautiful so do your thing and enjoy.

Until next week (if I survive)


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One Response to Last Minute projects

  1. Fran says:

    Linda it is so much fun going down your projects lane with you. I am so jealous and wish I was as talented as you are. Your family is so lucky to have you in their lives. You are so thoughtful and caring. I love Demi’s new hat. Wishing you and your family a Merriest Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Love, Fran

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