From Failure to Success

Hi friends,

I hope that everyone has recovered from biggest over-eating day of the year, Thanksgiving. Although my Thanksgiving Day meal was simple and traditional, I made way too much food so we were eating turkey for days.  NOTE TO SELF:  I MUST cut back!!

With the turkey and pumpkin pie behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the next round of holidays.  Again, I try to keep things simple which is always a battle with my family.  I want less, they want more.  Between the  planning, preparing, cooking, decorating and upkeep, it seems that I’m the only one doing all the work each year.  First there is the mind twister, trying to remember where all the storage bins are in the basement. Although I’m very organized, it’s still a struggle to retrieve the bins containing all the ‘stuff”.  It is a two-man job requiring the use of a tall ladder. Once all the bins are down, I, again, realize I’ve painted myself into a corner, unable to move out from the towers I’ve created surrounding myself.  Ugh, it’s a workout! Then it’s a question of what to use this year, locating that bin and then hauling it up a long and winding set of basement stairs.  I could go on and on but I’m sure I’m not alone in facing the same dilemma each year.  With this said, of course I’ll do it all again this year, whining and complaining all the way.  Hey, it wouldn’t be the holidays if we didn’t, right?

With that said, it’s time to move onto some recent adventures.

First, remember back in August when I was trying to make a Pancake Tutu for my granddaughter?  Remember how complicated it was? And remember how I finally gave up on the Pancake Tutu?  I may have given up but I didn’t give in.

This is a Pancake tutu.


And this is Annabelle wearing my finished version.lac-tutu-10-2016

Not even close but do-able.  And Annabelle liked it so the journey was worth it.

So have you been following my adventures in learning Hardanger embroidery?  I think I’m having a bit more success this time around. First, I’ll show you my first FAILURE. Actually, the motif itself came out fine but while trimming the piece, I snipped the wrong thread and it began to unravel.  I didn’t fret too much because it was really only a practice piece but I did learn a valuable lesson. Take more caution when clipping the threads.lac-hardanger-failure-11-2016

Now, here are some finished pieces, much more satisfactory.lac-hardanger-box-1-11-2016lac-hardanger-box-2-11-2016lac-hardanger-box-3-11-2016lac-hardanger-box-4-11-2016lac-hardanger-box-5-11-2016lac-hardanger-box-6-11-2016

So what to you think?  Do I have a future as a professional embroiderer?  Not hardly but I’m having fun and learning lots along the way.  These designs are pretty basic and easy. I’ll leave the more complicated and larger pieces to those who know what they’re doing. I’m now working on an companion piece for these which I’ll show in a few weeks. I have in mind what I will be doing with these but, as usual, I won’t tell you now!

So come back next week when I will share my holiday CASE cards, some pics of my holiday home and maybe more completed Hardanger projects.




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