Good early morning,

This week, I’m right on ball. It’s 3:15 am and I’m posting now as not to get sidetracked throughout the day and miss posting entirely.

I’ve revisited my true blue quilting technique, a fun and fast UTILITY QUILT.  I love making these sort of quilts because it’s like a walk down memory lane for me.  Each and every fabric in these quilts holds some memory of past quilts or projects which gives me an opportunity to reminisce.  The receiver of my UTILITY QUILT sees a bunch of fabrics all sewn together, no rhyme or reason, just a bunch of pretty colors and prints.  I see years of work, fond memories and, humbly, a small sense of accomplishment.  One UTILITY QUILT holds so many memories it’s hard to get lots accomplished at one time. I need to stop working and just think, for a moment, about why I purchased a particular fabric, what I made and who I gave it to.   Oh, it’s a long and complicated process for me but one I thoroughly enjoy.

So this quilt I made for a friend, Linda G.  Actually, she was one of my yarn customers when I worked at Michaels.  We hit it off immediately and have become good friends. She’s such a nice and giving person that I wanted to make something special for her.  I presented her with the quilt this past week and she’s been over-the-moon ever since. Really, how can something so basic and easy as this quilt bring so much happiness to another.  I’m happy that she is happy.lac-utility-quilt-linda-g-11-2016The back side show simple diagonal machine quilting lines.lac-utility-quilt-linda-g-11-2016-back

I’m still on my Hardanger adventure and have stitched up about 6 small motifs so far. I decided to take a little break from stitching and figure out what I want to do with the motifs. So far, I’ve settled on little pincushions and pin boxes.  All along, I’ve been gathering bits from my stash but decided I needed to pick up a few additional supplies, hence my coupon frenzy at Joann’s yesterday!!  Yahoo, a shopping spree.  Who doesn’t like to shop at the fabric/craft store.

First are the fabrics and felts. I had some fabric in my stash but needed a wider assortment of colors. The fabric is a silk-like type fabric , and coupled with what I had on hand, makes for a beautiful rainbow of colors to chose from.  The matching felt is for a lining inside little boxes. I wanted wool felt but thought twice as sometimes wool attracts little buggy things so I opted for the inexpensive craft felt, which works perfectly.img_3446Next are trims, batting, ribbon, cording and fabric glue, all necessary ‘stuff’.  Some are from my stash, some are newly purchased. So much to chose from, it was hard making a decision on what to buy so I got some of everything that was the right width and color. Why not???img_3448Lastly, these are my supplies and tools.  Lots of threads, doodads, beads, needles, and all the other ‘stuff’ needed to work with ease.  As you can see, I like things organized, in neat little packages, so I know where everything is and have easy and portable access to everything. Who would have ever thought I’d need so much ‘stuff’ for one small embroidery technique!img_3447So now you see how I work and the method to my madness!

I’m hoping by my next post I will have some finished projects to share with you. I’m not sure when I will post next week as it is Thanksgiving and I’ll be chained to the stove!!!  In the meantime, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  What are you all having for Thanksgiving dinner?  We’re having…………..TURKEY!

Later friends,


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One Response to A PEAK INTO MY WORLD

  1. Fran says:

    What a colorful world you live in and the quilt is so pretty. I love the diagonal stitch on the quilt.
    Hugs, Fran

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