Finished Hardanger Project

Happy (Almost) Halloween,

Okay, so 2 weeks ago, I was a week and a day late in posting.  Now I was an entire week too early for Halloween.  I hurried and carved my pumpkin only to realize that Halloween is next Monday, not last Monday.  Needless to say, my carved black cat pumpkin has finally met it’s 9th life….how sad looking is this LOL???  Armed with 6 more pumpkins, I will get it right this time and carve my pumpkin (again) this coming weekend.  So are any of you going Trick-or-Treating?  Do you dress for the occasion?  A party, perhaps?  I will be adorning myself with my traditional pumpkin T-shirt I made eons ago, but always fun to wear.  I will also be looking forward to seeing the tiny tots parading the neighborhood all decked out in their costumes.  I have several family groups that always come by to trick me.  I’ve been watching these kids since they were babies, stopping by each year and seeing how much they have grown.  Alas, the passage of time, these same kids are now in high school/jr. high school.  How old are they?  A better question, “How Old Am I?”  Is it sad of me to say that I get teary-eyed when I see them?  All in good fun and I do always enjoy seeing them.img_3422

This week I did manage to use two of my new Hardanger pieces to incorporate into small projects.  I made a little box to house my embroidery items and a matching pin cushion.

Storage box and pin cushion.  For the box, I used an bracelet jewelry box and covered the top lid with some tan silk from my stash. I first attached the Hardanger piece by tacking it down with small stitches and then I layered a few pieces of batting underneath the fabric to give it some dimension before mounting it to the box.  I used some 2 sided strong adhesive tape and fabric glue. I attached cotton lace around the edges to hide the raw fabric edges and lined the bottom box with a small piece of cork.  The satin peeking through the Hardanger and on the back of the pin cushion are pieces left over from my Mom’s wedding dress.  I added 4 elongated pearl beads to the corners.  Can’t wait to start my next embroidery piece and use these.  I like to keep all my needles, scissors and threads together when working on a project.  I think the pin cushion will be great since I have a bad habit of loosing needles!


LAC Hardanger storage box and pin cushion

LAC Hardanger storage box and pin cushion


LAC Hardanger box and pin cushion, inside

LAC Hardanger storage box and pin cushion, inside

I do have the two red Hardanger pieces that I plan to do something similar, just hunting for the appropriate box. I did find some red rose fabric from my stash that matches beautifully so let’s see what I can come up with.

One last project to share. This piece of cross stitch was made for me by a friend several years ago.  I have turned it into a pillow, which my granddaughter loves and call her own. Everything used was from my stash, fabric. lace and buttons.lac-halloween-pillow-2-2015

Coming soon will be some pics of two new ‘Utility Quilts’ that I’m working on.  One will be for a friend and the other for my stash.  I love making utility quits because nothing has to match so it’s a no stress project and I get to use up lots of fabric from my stash.  I’m using my serger instead of my sewing machine to piece which gives nicely finished inside seams eliminating any fraying.

See you all next week,


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