Time Fly When You’re Having (FUN)?

Good Morning,

Okay, I don’t know about you but I feel like I missed the entire month of September.  It’s Sept. 29 and I can’t hardly believe that this month is almost over. It’s always busy here in September with back to school, new schedules, fall cleaning, fall garden work and general cleanup preparing for the winter months ahead.  I feel as if I bore another child tied to my apron strings but when it look down, it’s my vacuum following me around!  I have a cleaning cloth permanently attached to my right hand.  What have I accomplished this month?  Well, 4 rooms off my fall cleaning list, garden cleanup, winter food pantry shopped and stocked, celebrated 2 family birthdays back to back, apple picking and 8 quarts of applesauce later, enrolled Demi in pre-nursery school 3 morning a week, regular weekly visits to acupuncture and I’m signing up for a weekly yoga/meditation class. I’ve also been working on holiday gifts, a ballet tutu for Annabelle, and an in-progress embroidery piece.  Is all this madness called “FUN”?  Of course!  So I guess this is why it seems September flew right by, I’ve been crazy busy. Oh, but what a sense of accomplishment.

Now that September is over, it’s time to focus on October and that can only mean one thing, HALLOWEEN.  The best time of the year to me.  Crisp, cool mornings, warm days and chilly nights…..how perfect is this.

I’ve managed to get a few Halloween CASE cards made that will go out in the mail soon. As usual, thanks to the original designers for their inspiration.

  YOURS                                                                 MINE

70-a36be808c997d695f23c368017e179ed       70-16-lac-spooky-trees71-ee255d62348e9ee24a7bfa39defee086     71-16-lac-not-my-costume73-77c01af7d3c682929a243121502e5351   73-16-lac-scarecrow69-049117bcdcac72ce547f19dfbf08c9e1   69-16-lac-broomstick-wine   48b1b1c70f58bac8dc85e2a8c88a37ad 72-16-lac-smiley-face 68-832ede1898aae6ad341d8e957bd4d4e2  68-16-lac-howling-catsI mentioned earlier that I was working on a pancake tutu for my granddaughter.  Well, easier said than done.  The tutu is finished but is, by no means, a pancake tutu.  Once we get a day without rain or clouds, I’ll take some pics to share.  Whose idea was it to make a pancake tutu????

That wraps it up for this week. Hope you have a perfect Autumn weekend, get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.


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