An Old and Much Loved Fabric

Good afternoon,

I know I’m a bit late posting today but I’ve been busy as a bee…..sewing, sewing, sewing. And, of course, I had to suspend my sewing to take a road trip to the fabric store and get more fabric….YEAH!  And, all with coupons, even better.

So, this is my fabric story.  Why do we buy the fabric we do?  What is it that compels us to buy yards and yards of one particular fabric with no real plan in mind?  What attracts us to one particular fabric and not another?

Well, I have many answers but the best loved is “because I just had to have it”.  That seems to work all the time. Using this excuse justifies any and all fabric purchases, no exceptions, and it works!  So I’ve continued to use this reason for years and years.  Thus, I have some fabrics in my stash that are well over 10-12 years old, still sitting patiently waiting to be used.  And, somewhere in time, the day will come that the light bulb goes off and guess what.  You HAVE the perfect fabric.

So I purchased yards of a fabric that I just loved and still do.  I made up several quilts years ago with this fabric and had a bit left over.  I liked it so much that I purchased more yardage of the same fabric ‘just in case’.  Well, it’s been sitting on the shelf waiting for the right moment to jump out and say ‘use me, use me’.  So that is what I did this week (along with a few other small projects).

I originally purchased this fabric because #1:  I love Lilacs and #2 I love the colors.LAC Lilac Pillows 8-2016 copy

Here is a pic of the quilts I originally made back in 2005. I think I made 3 and sold them all.

095 Lilacs 4

I purchased more of the same lilac fabric and in 2010 made a knitting bag,  a bag for crochet hooks, knitting needle bag and another bag for circular needles. LAC Knitting Bag pouches 2

I still had some fabric left over and it sat on the shelf until this week.  I decided to use up as much as I could and produced several projects.  Two pillows and a top quilt.

I had forgotten about several silk ribbon embroidery pieces that I did up in 2009 and looking for something  else, I came across the embroidered panels. I decided to make a couple of pillows, one using the silk ribbon embroidery piece and one with the very last of the fabric.

First I made this simple whole cloth bed coverlet using the entire width of the fabric and the desired length.  Very simple machine stippling.  I also used an old bed sheet instead of batting.  I think it makes a warm quilt without the bulk of batting.  I used solid purple fabric for the backing and black for the binding, all from my stash.  SIMPLE.

LAC Whole Cloth Quilt 8-2016

This pillow I actually designed to fit my PJ’s into so a button top closure worked perfectly. I frayed the edges of the embroidery piece and built it out with borders.

LAC Ribbon Emb. Pillow 2 8-2016

This last piece of fabric I made a pleated pillow and used up every inch of fabric.IMG_3342

So all my lilac fabric has been used.  I really feel like I won this battle of the ‘endless fabric stash’.

I did make up a few more things this week but will wait until next week to post about them. I don’t want to be long -winded LOL.  Plus, my new fabric is calling out to me so I must begin work.

See you all back next week for some more finished projects.







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2 Responses to An Old and Much Loved Fabric

  1. TA Carbone says:

    Wow everything is beautiful. Now don’t forget to print the photos and put it in your book

  2. Fran says:

    Linda I love the fabric print and colors! And everything you made using the fabric are gorgeous.
    Hugs, Fran

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