New Fabric Haul, New Sewing Project

Hi friends,

What happened to this week?  I’m two days late in posting.  Writing this post was on my Thursday ‘To Do’ list but somehow I totally forgot to even check my list.  Hmmmmm, I must have been very busy.  Here’s why….LAC Fabric haul 8-2016I’ve got lots of new friends in my sewing room.  With a great sale at the fabric store, lots of coupons and a need for a new project, I went a bit overboard, ya think?

So what is all the fabric?  Home decor fabric meaning I’m making …………..PILLOWS! Not sure why but I just got a hankering to make pillows.  I’m not even sure what I will do with them all, gifts, keepers, we’ll have to see.  At any rate, fabric is flying, scissors are snipping and the sewing machine is going a mile a minute.  The most fun is the challenge of coming up with different designs.  I may have a vague idea of what I want but I’m not using any patterns, just my imagination and designing as I go.  Lots of the fabrics have a definite or directional design so I have to put my thinking cap on and do some figuring and fussy cutting to make the best use of the fabric’s print. Not sure how many pillows I will get but I’m thinking somewhere around 20.

One interesting surprise is that I’m using my serger (which I always seem to forget about), my sewing machine, trying different speciality machine feet and different techniques, some of which are new to me, other’s I do often but all is a great learning experience.  And, I’m way out of my comfort zone as far as colors and prints.  But hey, why not…..gotta live it up every now and then.

Once all the design tops are finished I’ll serge them together all at one time. I’m making the pillows with an envelope back so you can remove the pillow insert if cleaning is needed.  Once all are completed  I will then decide on their destiny.  I also will wait for the fabric store to have a sale on pillow forms since I need quite a few.  When they are all completed, I will post pics.

Also, I’d like to mention that if you look to the right, you will notice I’ve added 2 more blogs to my favorites:  Fran’s Spot and  Scallops and Swirls, both worth checking out. My friend Fran makes great cards and is a terrific sewer.  Both blogs are Fran’s and both loaded with some great eye candy so be sure to check them out.

I’ll end with a quick note that yesterday, I spent the entire day painting.  No, nothing artistic, I’m talking walls.  I spent 6 hours at my granddaughter’s new preschool volunteering my time to help clean and spruce up.  Most of my time was spent painting the lower half of the walls purple.  Boy, what a difference a gallon of paint can make.  In the end, all looks beautiful, clean and very colorful.  I bet the kids will love it.  Demi can’t wait to start her new adventure at ‘That’s My School’ as she refers to it!  Of course, we will have to see how the first day goes and that separation thing that kids do so well……  Now off to take something for my aching muscles.  One forgets that one is not as young as one once was!!!!

Until next week, (on time I hope)


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3 Responses to New Fabric Haul, New Sewing Project

  1. TA Carbone says:

    Love Love Love those browns

  2. vazquezmw says:

    So many colors! Just love them!!

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