Sewing Projects in the Making

Good Morning,

This week has been very productive.  Since it has been so hot here in Boston, I rarely go outside so I’ve been keeping busy sewing.  And today is to be a scorcher here, the hottest this summer so you know where I’ll be, in the house keeping a bit cooler with the a/c. This will give me more time to work on some projects.

I’m trying my hand at designing my own patterns.  Now don’t laugh at me….I an traveling a new path.  I first wanted to make a reversible apron and scoured the internet for ideas. Most of what I saw required a purchase of the pattern for way too much money.   So I thought, why not take their design, alter it to my liking, draft the pattern, make a muslin sample and go for it!  Easier said than done.  Many sheets of paper, miles of tape, try, adjust, tape, try, adjust, tape…….After many attempts, I finally was able to make up a prototype apron.  I still need to tweak some steps and a few minor adjustments, but this is what I came up with.  I used fabric and buttons from my stash and ponytail holders for the buttons instead of making button holes.

Side A GreenLAC Apron front color aSide B WineLAC Apron front color bBack viewLAC Apron back color aWaist closure buttonLAC Waist buttonNeck closure buttonLAC Neck buttonAs you can see, it’s not perfect yet but I plan to make another after making adjustments. I’m also working on another reversible,  crisscross style apron where I got inspiration from Martha Stewart’s apron on her website.   This was a complete failure so back to the drawing board LOL!

The other project I completed this week were several ballet skirts for my granddaughter, Annabelle who is an avid dancer.  She loves wearing little ballet skirts over her leotard but they are super expensive at the dance wear store.  I happened to find some lace on clearance at Hobby Lobby and a simple circle skirt pattern from the internet.  Away I went, sewing one after the other.  I made 2 black, 1 mint and 1 peach and they all look great and allow for all sorts of high kicks, splits and twirls.  A simple zigzag stitch around the hem and a bit of elastic for the waist was so simple and quick.

Lace mint ballet skirtLAC Ballet Skirt mint 3Black sparkle ballet skirtLAC Ballet skirt black sparkleLace peach ballet skirtLAC Ballet skirt peachBlack lace with scallop border ballet skirt.  This skirt I did a bit differently since it had such a pretty scallop border that I wanted to incorporate.  Instead of a circle, I cut the width of the lace fabric, overlapped the ends to create the split and added elastic at the waist. Works perfectly!LAC Ballet skirt black laceAnd finally, while snapping the pics, little Miss Demi had to get into the action with her ballet pose.  Demi has lots of tutu’s and enjoys  learning all the moves from Annabelle. Another ballerina in the making!IMG_3304

Hey, I’m also working on designing a pattern for a hoodie infinity scarf.  I’d like to make some up in wool with faux fur lining or, if the fabrics are too expensive, maybe in fleece. Let’s see if I can get this to work!!!

Le me know what you think.  See you all again next week.


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