Simple Baby Blankets with Matching Softee toys

Hi All,

I worked my little fingers like crazy this week so that I could get everything done to post. Marathon week, for sure!  I managed to complete 8 plus 1 baby blankets.  Of course, they were easy enough but when making 8 of the same thing, it did take time and became tedious.  One or two would have be fun but 8, well that’s just plain monotonous.  Anyway, they’re all done and will go into my stash of ‘gifts on hand’.

I did find a tutorial on the Internet but it’s pretty much as I have done my blankets in the past. Here’s a pic and the link to the tutorial.

Actually, these are pretty nice looking blankets so I may make up some of these another time if I can find similar fabric  I like the simplicity of the plain striped fabric.

So this is what I’ve come up with to make the process easier and quicker for me since I was doing so many at one time.

I first made up the simple blankets using my serger, print for the front and pinstripe for the back. Flip, press the seams and prep for crocheting the edging.  1The tutorial called for using a small crochet hook and pierce the fabric with the hook as you go. For me, I didn’t have the correct crochet hook and I was also going through 2 layers of fabric, not one, so I couldn’t just pierce the fabric. Hmmm, what to do????  Easy fix.  I made a template.  I cut a piece of card stock, measured 1/4″ apart, marked with a pencil and punched holes along the card stock making a perfectly spaced template.  I used a 1/16″ paper hole punch.3I then marked the fabric all around using the fine tip of a marker.5Don’t worry, the small dot will be punched out or hidden by the crochet.6Then, using the 1/16″ punch, I went along punching the holes in the fabric using the marks as a guide.7Using the 1/16″ punch made very small holes and really didn’t cause any problems with the fabric. 8This is the yarn I used with a size E crochet hook.9Insert hook through the first hole to begin your crochet edging.10Three simple single crochets through each hole.  Around the corners I added one single crochet between each hole to make the curve.  I made a slip stitch into the first 3 stitch cluster, ended off and wove the end in on the backside.12And here are the finished blankets.IMG_3262IMG_3259When finished, I decided to do an ‘add on’, a small, simple stuffed softee toy.  Again, I found  inspiration on the Internet and came up with these cute toys to match the blankets.

Basically, a very generic shape. Instead of hand embroidering the face, I marked the fabric, placed a piece of tearaway underneath and machine embroidered the nose and mouth with a small zigzag stitch. For the eyes, I made 3 Colonial knots by hand.  Instead of making ears and arms from fabric, turning and stuffing, I chose to fuse 2 pieces of flannel together with Wonder Under, cut out the shapes with pinking shears, stitch around close to the edge and attach before sewing up the toys.  Once the arms and ears were pinned in place, I sewed all around, leaving an opening for turning and stuffing.  I hand stitched the small opening closed. The pink toy in the middle was my original idea to use ribbon. I soon found that I didn’t have the right size or colors so I opted for the fabric ears and arms.LAC Softees for flannel blankets 7-29-2016Completed 8 blankets with softee toys.IMG_3246

This last blanket is only one using some fleece I had left over from another project. Simple sew and flip construction.  For the backing, I used some pink heart seersucker fabric also from my stash.  I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the hearts on grain so I tilted them a bit creating a diagonal check pattern.  I placed Wonder Under on the back side, pressed in place and did a triple stitch 1/4″ outlining the hearts. I will add something to each heart but haven’t made up my mind yet, perhaps a small bow.IMG_3265I closed  up the blanket with 2 rows of stitching, 1/4″ in and 1″ inside the first row again with the triple stitch.IMG_3267The completed blanket with matching softee toy.IMG_3264A very busy week but very productive. I now have 9 new baby blankets waiting for the next round of baby gift giving.

Onto my next project……….hand embroidery.  I have 2 pieces to make but can’t show any pictures until they’re received.  Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!!

Until next week, happy sewing.






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2 Responses to Simple Baby Blankets with Matching Softee toys

  1. Fran says:

    Linda the blankets and stuffed toys are amazing. I love how you made your own template so you could punch holes for the crocheting. You are so talented! Hugs, Fran

  2. I love the blankets and softees….may have to make some of the blankets for my bigger grands…

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