Happy Thursday Morning,

What a week here in Boston. We’ve been in the midsts of a heatwave this entire week with temps in the 90’s.  Way too hot for me so I’ve stayed inside with the a/c’s running full blast which has made life a bit more bearable.  Given my self-imposed hibernation, I’ve managed to accomplish lots this week but first I’d like to show you a pic of our downpour rain burst with hail.  We occasionally get hail here in Boston but not often so this was a perfect opportunity to record the phenomenon.  The storm didn’t last long but enough to make a mess around the city with fallen trees and wind damage.  Look at the hail on my new artificial sod.  Not very big hail, about the size of peas, but enough to us to oooh and aaaah at!


Next up are some of my Alien Tomatoes to go with my alien cucumbers.  Actually, this is bottom rot.  Seems the San Marzano tomato plants I selected are prone to this disease. Too bad I didn’t know that before hand, I would have made another choice. About 1/2 of my tomatoes have this problem which will decrease my yield by at least half. Won’t be putting up too many tomatoes this year.  I will rethink my process for next year.


I’ve finished my holiday sewing that I sneak peeked last week (sorry, no peeking yet) and have moved onto baby blankets.  I’ve been experimenting with some soft stuffed toys to match the blankets.  After several failures, I finally found something I can work with, easy to make and too cute.  I’ll post all of this next week.

Finally, a few cards I CASED.  Thanks to the original designers for your inspiration.

                                   YOURS                                                                       MINE78-5d8eb92216aac9e29c306e6abb8adc26    78-16 LAC Cactus50-Becca card     50-16 LAC Inlaid Butterflies46-483fbb081bed59102a19ba199a9a1c7f      46-16 LAC Asian ScreenMINE, INSIDE46-16 LAC Asian Screen openThere you have it, another week here at A BIT OF ME LAC.  Be sure to come back next week to see my baby blankets complete with step by step pics.




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One Response to A WEEK IN MY LIFE

  1. Fran says:

    What a neat photo of the hail and so glad it did not cause any damage. You made me laugh when you described your tomatoes. And the cards you created are amazing! Hugs, Fran

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