Alien Cucumbers and Cards

Good Morning,

I planned to post yesterday, which is my usual day to post, but somehow I totally lost the day.  I got involved in cleaning out my sewing cabinet, one thing lead to another and then it was time to start dinner.  It was pretty hot here in Boston but I was inside with the coolness of the a/c’s just doodling along doing my thing.  Totally productive day, though.  I have a clean and well organized sewing cabinet!!!

I did manage to make 2 birthday cards this week for my daughter’s upcoming 30th birthday.  We will celebrate a few days early because she’ll be in San Fran visiting her good friend, Lauren.

These two cards are CASE cards, one a request and one for me.


My daughter saw this birthday saying and asked me to make a card using this sentiment.



I immediately thought of a slider type card.  A little fudging on Word to make the year slider piece but not difficult at all.


  YOURS                                                                         MINE  

I used my ScanNCut for the numbers.

33990f0b33d9dbe16e293367dca72588     IMG_3185

I’ve also been working on some flannel baby blankets with a crocheted edging. I’m making 8 total.  Serger problems held me up.  Guess you must oil your serger every so often. I don’t think I’ve ever oiled mine and I’ve had it for 10+ years.  After cursing, swearing and threatening, I put oil on every moving part inside the machine and left the machine alone overnight to ponder it’s future.  The next morning the sun was shining, glorious morning air and a miracle  rebirth.  My serger was revived overnight and began behaving perfectly.  It came inches from being tossed into the trash barrel so it must have had a change of heart.  Thankful for small favors!!!

So here’s an update on my first time container gardening.  Since I now have no garden area in my yard, I decided to try container gardening.  How easy would this be….NOT. First, finding a permanent place for the containers was challenging. After numerous trips around the house, the majority of the pots finally found their home at the end of my driveway where they get mostly morning sun. Three pots are on the front patio.  I actually needed to use a two-wheeler to move each pot because they are so heavy. And the watering is a real chore, at least twice a day. First for the back pots and then to the front pots.  What a PAIN!!!  Then I discovered I had bottom rot on the tomatoes.  The Internet said they were lacking calcium which I immediately responded to with a calcium additive.  They now look okay but not great.  I don’t think I’ll get as good of yield from the containers as I would from the plants being in ground.

Then there’s the issue of the solo cucumber plant.  Ever have a real mystery veggie?  Well, this is the one for me.  Take a look at my “ALIEN CUCUMBERS”.  What’s up with this? Are they of this earth or some alien planet from another galaxy?  Have you ever seen such crazy looking cucumbers? Not sure if they’re suppose to be like this or if they’re even edible!!!  Any volunteers to give them a try?  They seem to be a gift from an ET!!!

IMG_3191 IMG_3192 IMG_3193

I leave you with food for thought:  If there can be ALIEN CUCUMBERS, could there also be other ALIEN types here on Earth???

Nanu Nanu,


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