Happy Thursday to all,

What a glorious day!  I HAVE GRASS.  After 6 weeks wait, I finally have my artificial turf.  This is truly HUGE for me.  What a fiasco between the manufacturer and the shipping company.  But, finally someone somewhere got it right and my order was received and installed within 2 days.  Check it out and LMK what you think.

Grass 7-13-16 5Grass 7-13-16 8Doesn’t this look amazing!  This is so soft to walk on it almost feels as if you are walking on air.  And so plush and green.  The perfect manicured lawn. Not a weed to be had nor one blade of grass out of place.  Best part, no mowing, no weeding, no raking!!!   I can almost imagine this is my  property in the Hamptons or Beverly Hills where all the homes are picture perfect with magnificent lawns.  Now I can finally close this chapter and move forward.

I’ll leave you today with one last thing.  I’ve been sewing for the holidays.  Yep, I’m already ahead for my holiday shopping.  It’s early but this is the best time to get some gifts made. I won’t tell you what I’m working on but here is a few sneak peak.IMG_3182Until next week,


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One Response to I HAVE GRASS!!!

  1. wow never thought of artificial grass….what a great idea. We mainly have weeds but hey they are green and so we mow them like regular grass….love the idea of fake and not having to mow but then Sonny has a turning radius mower and can get our 6 acres mowed in about 3 hours..Love it…

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