Good morning friends,

This has been a very slow week.  The pics I posted last week of my front yard re-do speak for themselves….nothing has changed this week.  Still waiting for my artificial turf which was to be installed the week of 6/20 but as yet, nothing.  Seems there are some problems getting stock.  Figures.  Confident that my lawn would be installed by now, I went ahead with BBQ plans for Sunday, July 3rd.  Now I can’t turn back and my guests will have to deal with the unfinished area.  I may put a tarp down and put up the tent just to cover up the unsightly rocks and sand which way laid down 2 weeks ago.  Nothing ever goes right but this is normal for me.  Go with the flow.

In keeping with the 4th of July spirit, here are a few CASE cards I made several weeks ago. Thanks to the original designers for their inspiration.

YOURS                                                                MINE

 65-792f94fb51ec07cae51903ce33b0e853   65-16 LAC Flag66-ab967f8492c5ba18e1b90aa9379da5d5   66-16 LAC Stars Stripes

These next 2 cards I printed off some cute graphics and designed the cards myself.67-16 LAC July 4 b67-16 LAC July 4th aHope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July.

Maybe by next week I will have grass !!


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One Response to HAPPY 4TH OF JULY

  1. Fran says:

    Linda I love your case cards you created! I hope that new turf comes in soon.
    Hugs, Fran

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