And We Move Forward…

Good Morning all,

What a crazy week this has been. If you have been following along, you know that we have been working on finishing up our front yard.  Progress has been steady but slow.  It’s been hard to find contractors with decent prices.  And when we finally do, they never show up!

However, we did manage to find a company that was willing to squeeze us in. They’re booking for August but since my soon-to-be lawn area is so small, they could do the job within the next 2 weeks.  Great!!  I can be ready for the week of June 20, no problem. All we needed to do was to excavate the dirt area to remove 4″ of dirt, level and place down weed block fabric….no problem.  My plan was to force my family to dig for dinner.  You dig dirt, you eat dinner.

Then, out of the blue, we get a call that they can start this week, on Thursday.  As of last Monday, we had not dug up 1 inch of dirt, planning to do all the work this coming weekend. Funny how well thought out plans fall through with just one phone call.  So now the mad dash to get the area ready for sod installation!  So…………jumping on the challenge, my daughter, Jenn, and I began digging Monday mid-morning.  You think 4″ isn’t very much dirt?  Think again!  The area is only about 10’x13′, not very big. But the amount of dirt we removed was HUGE!  We had 2 shovels, a pitch fork, several pails and a small, plastic wheel barrel.  The digging and dumping went on for hours.  As we dug up the dirt and placed it in the wheel barrel, we then had to wheel it around the entire house to the driveway in back and dump it.  Back out to the front for more dirt!  Who says things are easy?  This was such strenuous work.  By 5 p.m. we were able to draft a few more people to help and finally by 6:30 p.m. we had finished the task.  I won’t even tell you how many aching muscles and bones we had.  But the job was done and all that was needed was the weed block fabric with is super easy, just be ready for Thursday.

So Tuesday, feeling pretty good about being ahead of schedule, I decided to put down the weed block early in the morning just to get a further lead.  Good thing my motto is “Always plan ahead and be on time”.  Just after noon time on Tuesday, I heard noise coming from outside. When I peeked out, there were 3 guys laying down gravel! Yikes, I thought you were not coming until Thursday!  Huh, they had a opening that afternoon and decided to get a head start.  And best part of all, I was prepared and ready for them, way ahead of schedule.

So here are a couple of before and after pics.

BeforeIMG_3109AfterIMG_3125StoneIMG_3127Along with all the work to prep the lawn area, we also managed to finish up the front door trim.  How does this look?  I think it looks fantastic.

OldIMG_3085 oldNewIMG_3118All that is needed now is a mailbox and a door wreath and this project can be marked “Complete”.

So as you can see, it’s been a very busy week here but lots has been accomplished. Now I wait for my synthetic grass!

See you all back here next week for my next update.


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2 Responses to And We Move Forward…

  1. Looking good, Linda! But then again, you’re probably the most organized person I know! 🙂

  2. Robinongo says:

    Looking forward to seeing the “after” pics. So what is next on your list?

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