Making Progress

Hi there,

All is well and we’ve made a bit of progress in the front yard/porch projects.  We’ve got a new door!!!!  Of course, it’s not complete yet.  We still need to finish up the outside trim work and then the inside trim work and reinstall the storm door but at least the demo is done. The taking out took longer than the putting back.  What a pain…I mean, how many nails does one carpenter need to use to secure a little piece of wood.  And, as I said before, nothing goes smoothly with an older home.  Nothing was level, straight or even close so lots of shimming up.  Take a look at the before and after pics.

Old door outside which is about 80 years old! Notice my sign regarding solicitation. People still ring my doorbell and ask me if I really mean it!!!!  What the heck……..IMG_3085 oldOld door, inside.IMG_3083 oldDemo.  What a can of worms this was!IMG_3089New door, outside. I opted for the enclosed blind which is fantastic. Black outside to match the back door and shutters.IMG_3092 newNew door inside, beige.IMG_3090 newAs you can see, we still need to do more work both inside and outside but that should go quickly, I hope. We will do this work this weekend and hopefully be done.  I never thought I’d have a new, beautiful front door since it’s taken only 34 years to get!!!

Come back next week to see more pics.


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One Response to Making Progress

  1. Fran says:

    Linda I can see there was a lot of work to remove the old door. But your new door makes up for that hard work. It’s beautiful!!! I love the door handle a lot.
    Hugs, Fran

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