EOP Cards and Yard Progress

Good Morning,

This week I have no yard news to share with you.  Everything remains the same, in limbo. Still no front door, finally, the door has arrived at the dealer and to be set up for delivery , still no walkway, still no turf area.  What the heck, how long should this little bit take to get completed.  Let’s wait yet another week and see what happens.  UPDATE:  We’ve decided that the old cement walkway needs to be taken out before we can do any thing else. So now seeking to find someone who does this type of demo work.  We will be shopping for pavers and do the installation ourselves. Also someone is coming by tonight to look at the area where we want artificial turf installed.  Things are looking up!

So in the meantime, I decided to keep my hands busy. I was looking for something easy to put down and pick up.  What else but Embroidery on Paper.  I haven’t done any embroidery for some time so this was a chance to get ahead with a few more cards.  I printed off some patterns I thought were interesting and began pricking and embroidering, day after day for 1 entire week.  When I was finished, I had stitched up 17 card toppers!  Yikes, I didn’t even realize I did that many.

It took me an entire week to mount and make cards but all are done now. I tried to use a variety of methods and embellishments  I will show you all at one time. Which one is your favorite?  I like the crinoline ladies.

Here we go:

1.103-16 LAC EOP 172.102-16 LAC EOP 163.101-16 LAC EOP 154.98-16 LAC EOP 125.99-16 LAC EOP 136.95-16 LAC EOP 97.91-16 LAC EOP 58.89-16 LAC EOP 39.90-16 LAC EOP 410.87-16 LAC EOP 111.88-16 LAC EOP 212.96-16 LAC EOP 1013.97-16 LAC EOP 1114.100-16 LAC EOP 1415.92-16 LAC EOP 616.93-16 LAC EOP 717.94-16 LAC EOP 8So what do you think?  Do I have enough for now?  I didn’t put any sentiments on them (except for the sympathy card).  I will do that as I need them.

Hey, come back week….maybe I will have some progress pics of the front yard.




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2 Responses to EOP Cards and Yard Progress

  1. Robinongo says:

    Linda, your work is amazing! Such fine detail–I love them all.

  2. Fran says:

    Linda I am in AWE with your paper embroidery! All of your cards are outstanding and beautiful.
    Hugs, Fran

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