A Few Things to Share

Hello friends,

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post only because not much happening here.  I do have a few things to share with you today.

First is this utility quilt made with leftover pieces of Batik fabric I had in my stash.  This was a gift for my friend, Pat, in England.  I used 2 layers of muslin instead of batting which makes the quilt warm but not bulky.

LAC Quilt Pat Smith 5-2016 a

Next are a few cards I made over recent weeks.

Scan N Cut daisy card.56-LAC SNC Daisy

Scan N Cut birthday card.55-16 LAC SNC HB2U

Scan N Cut rose card.54-16 LAC SNC Roses

Scan N Cut ballerina card.87-LAC Ballerina 5-2016

Embroidery on Paper peacock for a recent swap.88-LAC PE Bird Swap 5-2016

Here is the pic of my front yard as it stands.  The cost to lay pavers is way out of my price range so I’m onto plan “B”.  IMG_2992

So there you have it…..not very exciting, huh.  Hopefully my next post will be more interesting.


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