Stay Calm, Linda, and Move Forward

Hello friends,

Another week has passed and still no real signs of spring.  Although the afternoons do warm up a bit, the mornings are still chilly.  For me, it’s still to chilly to be outside making fun in my garden and certainly too cool to put out any plants.  So I sit and wait for spring to arrive.  I do think, however, that we won’t have much of a spring this year and perhaps go immediately into hot weather.  Ugh, you know me and hot weather, we just do see eye to eye!!

Still, the weather outside doesn’t affect what goes on inside and my spring cleaning is just about complete.  I’ve assigned everyone here one chore, to deep clean their rooms.  I’ve completed my first floor, basement and yard cleaning so I’m good to go but others are in a mad dash to meet the deadline of April 30.  I think one month to clean one room is sufficient.  With all that said, here’s the results.  Can you believe this?????  How much stuff has this household accumulated?  Is this even possible?  Where did it all come from?  Are we perfect candidates for “The World’s Best Hoarders”?  Do we have issues?

34 Bags and 16 boxes totaling 50.  What the heck?  Is this even possible coming out of one household?4-29-16 34:16

I look at all these bags and boxes and wonder how much money has been spent and wasted.  Add it all up….$500, $1000, $2000, $4000, more?????  I could have taken a wonderful cruise to the islands or perhaps Europe with all the money.

In pondering over all the misspent money on all the things we think we need and just had to have, I’ve come to one conclusion:  LESS IS BEST.  We, as a society or at the very least, we as a family, have become so disconnected with our money.  We’ve become conditioned to believe that we can just spend money at will on all sorts of things we think we want, maybe use or wear something once, put it in the closet and forget it.  What ever happened to respecting the dollar?  What ever happened to being frugal?  What ever happened to “A penny saved is a penny earned”?  All ideals gone by the wayside.  Do we really need all the ‘stuff’ in our lives to be happy?  I say NOT.  Living the simple, uncluttered life is best. I, for one, practice what I preach and keep my life, my things and my home simple. No wasted time looking for something I think I bought but haven’t a clue where it is amongst all the clutter and crammed drawers and closets.  I can honestly say that when I need something, I know right where it is, and with eyes closed, can usually find what I’m looking for.  It sure makes my life much easier and less stressful.  Hey, family, get the idea?????

Okay, I have to laugh at myself for going on this bandwagon as I know it will fall on deaf ears.  I live with the greatest bunch of hoarders and no matter how many examples I try to set, they never make the connection.  Too bad as their lives would certainly be much calmer, less stressful and more enriched.  I’ve thrown out the challenge to them and they have missed the mark by a mile.  What more can a mother do???

So now I can lock myself in my little craft area and have so much more time to play with the things that make me happy.  I’ll soon be ending my round of CASE cards and move down another path.  Not sure what trouble I’ll get into but it’s always a wonderful adventure especially when you have lots of time to do the things you like and want to do instead of things you have to do!

                       YOURS                                                     MINE

I like this thread spool card because it gives me an chance to share some of my miles of ribbon with others.

87-b23905a7d997c20e38fedd493c20ae5d        87-16 LAC Spool

These next 2 cards for for a special order for new homes. Dorothy’s shoes didn’t sparkle very much so I added some Stickles red sparkle.  WOW, how we shine!

88-d04f2d94b4820c1b24f606e49a44da0f     88-16 LAC Oz Home

89-75908eeaf43e507a5a59a500141e62db     89-16 LAC Door Home

How cute are these cards.

48-1672871065fd34ada4ab631bb427ab42     48-16 LAC Mice

Another spool card but with a different sentiment, a wedding card.  I have the perfect couple that will receive this card as soon as a proposal is made and the marriage takes place.  I hope it won’ be too many more years!!  Initials:  KH and B

64-3bca8da1c814bdb83e06f54508dc0d6b     64-16 LAC Tie the KnotFun cards for a new baby girl and baby boy.  Something about babies and cute elephants just goes together so perfectly.

74-ddb8c189058936b386c689fae82b030e     74-16 LAC Baby Blue                                                                                74-16 LAC Baby Pink

There you have it for this week.


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One Response to Stay Calm, Linda, and Move Forward

  1. Another great post! I’m dealing with this now! Loved my April Fool’s Day card! Thank you! 🙂

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