A Smorgasbord of Projects

Good Morning,

I’m back again this week with a bit of this and that.  Here in Boston, we have had a couple of nice days where I was able to get outside and do some prep work for the new patio. Here are some pics of how the yard looks now, pretty awful. I’m excited to get the new patio installed and be done with this entire front yard makeover. The mason has taken one of the older pavers and will try to match it up as best he can. I know they won’t be exactly the same since the first patio was done about 10 years ago.

This is the existing right side patio that will remain.IMG_3003

These are the present steps and walkway which will be replaced.  They are 30+ years old.IMG_2999Here is the left front yard which will get a new patio similar to the right side. Eventually we will have large plant containers along the fence to block the neighbor’s driveway view.  A new fence would be ideal but that’s out of the question now. IMG_2993Unfortunately, the small Wisteria tree will have to go. Here it is all dug up and waiting for it’s new home with a friend. I’m hoping that it will survive the replant.  This is a Chinese Wisteria tree and believe me, the roots did go all the way to China!!  We ended up having to cut some of the long roots since they went across the entire yard.  I do have a bunch of seeds for the new gardener just in case this tree doesn’t make the move. I grew this from the seed pods the tree produces so it’s dear to my heart. I’ll miss you. So long beautiful tree….


On to some cards and a cut project.

These are some Rolodex index cards I made for my daughter which I cut using my SNC. Pretty simple.IMG_2990Now onto some more CASE cards I’ve made over the past several weeks.

                            YOURS                                                      MINE

These cards are called Magic envelope cards.  You can see that the card is actually the envelope itself and when opened, reveals the inside of the card.  Inspiration from Pinterest and fun to make.

OUTSIDE                                                                             INSIDE43-16 LAC Magic Env. bird outside     43-16 Magic Env. bird inside

42-16 LAC Magic Env. flowers outside     42-16 Magic Env. flowers insideHere is a cute birthday card for a 3 year old who loves Matchbox cars.

44-16  LAC  Matchbox Car Bir

These cards I made using a die for the leaves and a ribbon butterfly, super easy to make.49-a0514661143bf51913ac826f5beee179     49-16 LAC Ribbon Butterfly 2                                                                                       49-16 LAC Ribbon Butterfly 1

Lastly, a drapery fold card which again is super easy.  The only requirement is 2 sided paper.

58-5dd5ecc36f35fd56bcded5ad0bce3ab9   58-16 LAC Drape fold

That’s about it for this week. See you all back here next week.



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One Response to A Smorgasbord of Projects

  1. Robin says:

    Such clever cards this week–inspirational

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