Hi peeps,

So remember yesterday when I posted about my MEGA CAN OF TUNA?IMG_2981 (1)

Well, here’s what I got from that huge can.  Twenty-four sandwiches in all.


First I’ll say that opening one large can is so much easier than 10 small cans.  No wrist or hand fatigue from doing that part.  However, trying to breakup and mix 4 plus pounds of tuna was a underestimated task.  Talk about needing muscle power!!!  It took forever to get the tuna broken up and then mixing all the ingredients together was a feat in itself.IMG_2983

All in all, it took me about 1 hour to prepare the sandwiches, the mixing taking up most of that time.  Will I do this again???  Probably not since it was just too much tuna.  I do have several for lunches today and a few more to eat along the way.

Solution:  Get someone else to open the 10 cans for me!!



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  1. Fran says:

    At least you accomplished what you set out to do. I know how you feel about breaking up the tuna. I use the large can of tuna from the grocery store and I have a hard time breaking it up. I have a suggestion (not sure if it will work) the next time you have to break up a large amount of tuna try using a hand mixer that has those dough paddles and turn on to lowest number to see if the dough paddles (lack of a better word) breaks the tuna enough to be ease for you to mix.
    Hugs, Fran

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