Hi Friends,

I got nothing this week….what a bore I am LOL.  With the weather here in Boston being so crazy, who feels like doing anything.  Winter blahs linger while spring fever tries to break through.  How confusing.  I don’t know which way to go!!

I actually do have a spring cleaning checklist but have only  been able to accomplish one thing off my list, my kitchen pantry and cabinets.  Can you believe it took me 5 days to complete this one task.  Not sure if things just got in my way or I’m too old for all this heavy cleaning and it’s taking me forever.  I think I need a cleaning lady.

I didn’t take before pics, I didn’t want to horrify you but I did take after pics.  Look how neat and clean everything is now.  And, I can actually find things (if I remember where I put them now).  One thing I did discover:  Do we really know who much stuff we accumulate, how many items had past expiration dates, how many opened packages gone stale or just a “why the heck did I buy this”.  Why do we gather and keep so much stuff? I’m a ‘what if” type of gal and tend to over-purchase things ‘just in case’.  Those ‘just in case’ times just never seem to come about so on the shelves these items stay.  Do I have to re-examine my logical purchasing practice and make a change?  Do I have to stop being a apocalypse planner?   Really, who needs 12 cans of evaporated milk?  I’m in a throwing away mood right now but I’m sure, at some future time, I will have a “Why did I throw that away” moment LOL.
↓Excess storage and bowls.


↓This end cabinet has always been a catch all area but now it’s clean and I actually have extra space.


↓Pantry, left side, everyday food.  More overstock storage in the basement but that’s for another day.


↓Another problem area but now everything I use daily is up front and center.IMG_2973

↓Everyday food upper cabinet.IMG_2968

↓Everyday appliances.IMG_2974

↓Right side of kitchen pantry area where I now placed my heavy cooking and serving pieces. Before I had to get on the floor and dig these things out.  Then it was a question of getting up off the floor.  Now I have everything at a perfect level.  No more bending down.


↓Everyday dishes and glasses, easy reach.IMG_2970

↓This is the best transformation of all.  No more clutter and digging. I even have extra space and everything is easily accessible.  I’m lovin’ it!!!IMG_2969

My plan of action is to do all the fussy, closet cleaning in all rooms first and then move onto the bigger tasks, walls, windows, etc.  We will see how far I get next week although I should warn you not to expect anything fabulous.

Until next week, I travel forward with cleaning supplies in hand,




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One Response to I GOT NOTHING

  1. Fran says:

    Looking good Linda! I am jealous now because my kitchen cabinets really need cleaning out too.
    Hugs, Fran

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