Good Morning everyone,

Well, spring has arrived here in Boston.  At least that is what the calendar says but actually we got a small snow storm on the first day of Spring.  Can you believe that???? Only a few inches and it did melt within 2 days but just enough to cause school closings on Monday and a nasty commute in the morning.  Yesterday was in the low 60’s!

So what are you all doing this Easter Sunday?  I plan on doing yard work and I’ve forcibly enlisted all members of the household to help, all each having some lame excuse why they can participate.  I say, no work, no yard use over the hot summer months.  I’ll let you know how many out of 8 people actually participated.

Although I don’t really celebrate Easter I felt that my front door needed something bright and seasonal.  I checked out Pinterest and found these adorable carrots.  How cute is this!

LAC Bunny Carrots 3-2016 c

Super easy, 1 hour from start to finish.  I had everything needed in my stash so ZERO cost.

I’m also working on another utility quilt, again just trying to use up some of my excess fabric and will post pics when completed.

As for now, I’ll share some more CASE cards I’ve made over the past several weeks. Again, thanks to the original designers for inspiration.

YOURS                                                  MINE

63-2ed3915639802772b56d8512eecb5000   63-16 Easter Bunny pink

61-'b84c2b82b1e66c8128a416a6f421e065        61-16 LAV St. Pats

29-16 359488f5eb40a15084f5e5bedb961007  29-16 LAC Crappy Day

31-16 a2f6fa634120f3bf9ae9c61350bdbf3b 31-16 LAC Year older

39-stock-vector-stock-vector-of-happy-smiling-girl-holding-purple-balloons-352269545 copy       39-16 LAC Purple Stars

41-523442135           41-16 LAC Girl w butterfly

Lastly, what’s new on the home front?  A couple of projects in the planning stages. First, a new front door. The existing door is dated to about 1936 when my home was built.  Think it’s time for a new one??? Problem is, it is 84″ tall which makes it a custom made door, which naturally raises the price substantially.  Who can afford over $4000 for a new front door?  So the hunt is on for a reasonably priced door.  We will be installing it ourselves, of course.

The 2nd project in the making is to finish up the yard landscaping leftover from last year’s porch makeover.  Estimates are coming in upwards of $5800.  Yikes, way beyond my means.  Now I’m rethinking the entire project trying to see if it would be feasible for us to do the work ourselves.   Here we go again, yet another summer spent hauling stone.  Isn’t there a law about doing too much heavy yard work?  Nothing is easy, is it?  I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for stopping by and see you all next week.




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2 Responses to HAPPY SPRING

  1. Your cards are adorable! And I love your carrots hanging on your door. What’s next?

  2. “Sorry your day…” card was hilarious!

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