This Week In My World

Good Morning and Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

Are you Irish?  Are you having corned beef and cabbage today?  I’m not Irish but I would never pass up an opportunity for corned beef and cabbage.  I bought 2 corned beefs and 2 heads of cabbage….I’m ready for some serious eating!

This week I have several projects to share with you.  First is a project that I can not really take credit for.  Although it was my idea, I really had nothing to do with making it.  I was checking out some things on the internet and came across this picture, a paper press.


Curious about it, I checked out some sights and was intrigued. This particular press is made from pine and I think cost somewhere around $340.00.  Geez, I don’t have one of these but I could sure use a paper press for my card making.

I have always used these old fashioned irons as paper presses.  I’ve had them for years and one day the light bulb went off –  attach a piece of felt on the bottom and use it as a paper press.  Good idea and they have served me well but when I saw the wooden press, I knew I just had to have one.LAC Old Fashioned Irons

Armed with a picture, I asked Domenic if he could make me one.  All I need is something simple, 2 pieces of wood and some sort of clamp.  His answer was, “Of course”, but when his eyes glazed over and he went into deep thought, I knew I was in trouble.  Twelve weeks later, numerous hours of planning, drawing blueprints and making pattern templates, countless trips to the hardware store, several orders from Amazon and endless hours in the basement workshop, he finally emerged with my press.

Feast your eyes on this work of art.IMG_2915Front view.

IMG_2917Side view.IMG_2923Open view.

I’m not sure of all the intricate details, but this press is magnificent.  It is made from mahogany, has a heavy duty screw gizmo and brass rods.   It’s weight is substantial, glides up and down perfectly with a twist of the screw and will accommodate items up to 6″x8″, perfect for card making, pressing flowers, etc.  Such a beautiful piece, it’s almost too wonderful to use.  Placed on a mantel, it could make a great conversation piece.  I knew when I asked for something simple, that it would be impossible for a seasoned woodworker to simply slap a couple pieces of wood together.  I knew I would be getting a masterpiece.  Thank you so much, Domenic, for making this for me.

Next, my daughter, Jenn, is following the Shakeology regime and wanted a thank you card for her coach.  I printed off a graphic of the shaker, added some sticker letters and covered the front of the shaker with clear acetate.  Printed out the card base with the Shake, Shake, Shake words and attached the shaker with dimensionals.  Inside the same shaker but this time with the letters Thank You flowing out.

89-16 LAC Shakeology a89-16 LAC Shakology b

I’m back.  Short break to pick Jenn up off the floor.  She missed the last step, fell and I think, at least, sprained her ankle.  We’ll be off the Doctor’s Express soon.  Never a dull moment here.

Lastly, here is a card I made for my other daughter, Carly, who has been invited to an Indian wedding.  She asked if I could take the beautiful invitation and somehow make it into a wedding card.88-wedding invitationInvitation.88-16 LAC Wedding Invitation bOutside88-16 LAC Wedding Invitation cInside

I cut up the pieces, made my layers, hand cut the flowers on one side to slip the ribbon beneath and hand cut the major flower and attached with dimensionals along with a sentiment.  Inside I cut the little (I think) elephant and attached.  Colors are deep red, gold and a bit of green.

Well, there you have it for another week.


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2 Responses to This Week In My World

  1. Go Dominic!! Outstanding! Another great post, Linda! 🙂

  2. Robinongo says:

    The wedding card came out so well, very elegant. What is Jenn shaking? Last but not least, the paper press is magnificent!

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