Keeping Busy

Hi friends,

This past week has been a bit more upbeat and I’ve seem to be able to accomplish a bit more but truly not up to my usual speed. I did manage to clean up my crafting area/dining room.  I actually packed up some speciality fabrics to make for more usable space.  Things are looking so neat here I don’t want to start another project and end up making another mess.  I’m enjoying the ‘neatness’!!

So my daughter, Jenn, finally finished up her 2nd quilt and with no time to spare, I might add.  Finished up the quilt on Monday, washed, dried and wrapped it for Rhemi’s 19th birthday yesterday (Wednesday).  This time, the quilt seemed to give Jenn a bit more trouble than the first quilt.  I think she was under pressure to get it finished and was feeling the stress.  But, all in all, it came out great.  How cute is this!  “You Are My Sunshine” quilt for Rhemi and with a matching card.

JAC 3-2016 Quilt

JAC 3-2016 Card

I, too, also finished up a little quilt I started last fall.  Finally!!!  This is truly a scrap quilt using 4.5″ squares I cut from lots of bits and pieces of fabric from projects past.  My intent is to try and use up most of the small pieces of fabric in my stash just to get it used up into something useful.  This scrap quilt was put together in no particular order, no matching, no fancy-fancy, just sewing squares into strips, then strips together.  As it is a baby gift, I decided to call it a “Floor Play Quilt”.  I tied knots in the center of each square and attached the binding by machine (I usually hand sew my bindings but wanted extra strength this time).  This quilt is made to be used and loved, completely machine wash and dry and can be used indoors or outside.  All the bright colors and prints should keep baby excited and busy.  It has been wrapped, packaged and mailed off to England.  It is for my friend Pat’s new great-granddaughter Sofia.  Hope she likes it!

LAC Baby Floor Quilt 3-2016 1

One last thing, my daughter has been invited to a wedding and has asked me to design an wedding card using the actual invitation.  Here’s a pic of the invitation that I will use. Hmmm…….what will I come up with?  Right now, I don’t even know LOL.  Maybe I’ll have something to show next week.  Isn’t this such a beautiful invitation?  IMG_2941

See you all back here next week.



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One Response to Keeping Busy

  1. Robin says:

    Can’t wait to see the wedding card! Jenn made a beautiful quilt for Rhemi, so bright and cheery on the heels of Spring.

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