A New Quilt, Not by Me

Hi friends,

It is not often that I am able to share work featured by someone else so this is a great day to show you my daughter’s recent work.  Yes, Jenn is sewing and quilting and making cards.  How crazy is that!!!  Finally, one of my three daughters is expressing some interest in what I’ve been doing for almost my entire life and that’s exciting to me.

Jenn has been dabbling in some sewing herself, sort of haphazardly doing what she thinks is correct and has minor success.  Now that she is here, I am able to devote time and supplies to show her the correct and easier way to do things.  Her success rate has grown tremendously and she is very pleased with her new found talents.  “See”, I say, “It’s not hard if you know what you’re doing”.

Take a look at this wonderful Lady Bug quilt.  Somewhat simple in design, some applique, some piecing and hand tied knots.  This quilt was made for Jenn’s #2 daughter, Annabelle (my granddaughter) for her 13th birthday last Sunday.  With  my guidance, Jenn did all of the work herself.  She has never appliqued so that was new to her but with a bit of practice she was able to breeze right through it .

JAC Lady Bug Quilt 2-2016And a matching card.

JAC LadyBug card 2-2016Can you guess what is happening now?  Another quilt in the making for daughter #1 whose birthday is in 2 weeks which I will feature when completed.

Not sure when I will get my sewing machine back.  I have several sewing/quilting projects I want to get working on.  I may have to set up my 2nd machine and have a sewing telethon.

As for me this past week, I’m involved in a mission.  Last week I posted about melting Perler beads into enamel like dots for my cards.  Well, check this out. Can you see the labeling that it says:  22,000 beads!!!!!  Am I insane or what?  I did have a 55% off coupon so this was the only way to go.  I’ve streamlined the process so I’m thinking I’ll get through this entire jug of beads by  year 2022!!  Actually it is quite addicting, searching out, picking up and placing the beads on the cookie sheet.  If fact, I’ve got my entire family helping out.


I mentioned last week that I used waxed paper to line the cookie sheet.  It worked okay but lots of beads stuck and were difficult to remove from the paper.  This week I’m using parchment paper (in the baking section of the store) and the melted beads slid off without any sticking so that’s the way to go (just in case you want to try this yourself LOL).  Even at baking (3) 1/2 sheet pans of beads at one time, it still is time consuming so I load up the pans a little at a time throughout the day and when full, I bake them off.

So while Jenn is busy sewing, I’m busy making more cards.  I plan to take a count but I’m guessing somewhere around 400 cards in my stash.  Why???  Who knows.  These are some of the cards I’ve made up recently.  As usual, thanks to the original designers for your inspiration.

      YOURS                                                     MINE

15-16 c9e3dd23bf881b18b4d1d642d69b32cc      15-16 LAC 1-2016

33-16 4a09a64f0a0a28629af765b1cd7cd9ef     33-16 LAC Honeycomb

35-16 08b59774b0929fef6c93993359dda871      35-16 LAC SNC Flower border

40-a01bf22166d9611c9ef7ac859a2f562b     40-16 LAC Blossoms

45-8b6c6d8f9dcb6cb6289ed5dd69e71968     45-16 LAC Quadrant

Some of my cards are spot on and others are a bit different.  Don’t forget, I only use what I have in my stash.

Until next week,


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One Response to A New Quilt, Not by Me

  1. Go Jenn! That quilt is incredible!

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