When your day starts out with this…..

Hi friends,

Just a quick post this week to show you what has been happening here.  First, yesterday this is how I started my day off.  Splinter 2-16-16

I was on my way to the basement to put some laundry in, carrying a heavy basket of laundry down my windy staircase.  I grabbed onto the support beam as to watch my balance and this is what I got…..a huge splinter in my right pinkie finger.  Ouch, did that hurt.  Look at how large the sliver of wood was.  A bit of minor surgery, a bandaid and I was good to go.  Now mind you, I’ve been asking for a banister for…..hmmmm….about 8 years.  No rush on that!!!!

My injury didn’t deter me from crafting.  My mission this week was to make my own enamel dots.  Boy, they cost lots in the store and I’ve been seeing pins on how to make your own so I figured I’d give it a try.  SUCCESS!!!!  I did get a package of Pearler beads from the craft store (with a coupon, of course) and baked away.  I set my oven to about 300 degrees F and put down a piece of waxed paper.  Laid the beads, hole side up, onto the paper and baked for about 45 minutes.  How cool is this.  I also did a batch of beads that I cut in half using a Exacto knife.  I won’t tell you that I did stab my left pinkie finger and bled out about a pint of blood.  Geeze, what’s my problem this week LOL.  Look at how perfect the beads flattened out and domed up to make perfect glue on dots for my cards. I baked about 6 cookie sheets worth and still have about half a package of beads left to do. I would definitely use parchment paper next time because some of the dots were harder to remove because of the wax on the paper.


I also got a surprise gift from my daughter.  An universal pen holder for my Scan N Cut.  I was watching a video on how to to parchment using the pen holder and parchment and the draw feature.  That’s my next mission.  I’ll show my results next week.

Oh, and happy National Wind Drinking Day.  I’ve been celebrating all day long.  Don’t you just love these wacky holidays!!

22-16 LAC 1-2016

See you all next week.


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