Here a Stamp, There a Stamp…


Today I come to you with tissue box in hand.  I said it last week and here it is!  I’ve got bronchitis again.  Everyone is sick here so we just keep exchanging germs back and forth. Can’t wait for this to all be over.  Our weatherman is predicting below zero temps this weekend and then in the 40’s next week.  How crazy is that???  No wonder everyone is sick.

I’ve been trying to expand my horizon with some new techniques….well, new to me.  I seem to get comfortable with a certain style of card and stick with it so now I’m exploring my stash drawers and finding all sorts of products I’ve not used yet.  I’m no stamper by any stretch of the imagination so what was I thinking of, collecting such a stash of stamping supplies.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to use it all, not an easy task since there are so many new and different techniques and my supplies lean toward the ‘older’ techniques.  I did end up purchasing 2 white ink pads for one particular technique but most came from my stash.  Some ink pads I’ve had for years and, unfortunately, they’ve dried out and went into the trash.

So here are some of my very novice stamping attempts.

                           YOURS                                                    MINE 

This stamping technique is called Bokeh. This is where I used my new white ink pads. There are many videos and tutorials on Pinterest that show you how to do this.  It takes some practice and but after several failures I think I’m getting it.  This was fun and I will try it again to improve.

ad34aef022d5c532274789f559ca4dff     51-16 LAC Bokeh 2

51-16 LAC Bokeh 1

Another stamped card. Not quite the same stamps but the overall effect is the same.

47-743b9b59764ad1dffe1baa38cef892f6      47-16 LAC Stamp LavenderThis technique is called Triple stamping. Loving this kraft card stock!

34-16 2e022fb8fc2f7627724e8e8bd6ba0455   34-16 LAC Triple StampI believe this original card was stamped but I didn’t have a similar stamp.  I do, however, have a flower die which gives a similar appearance.

32-16 e5033889b9ab1c7a8756bcd0e50adbcb  32-16 LAC Flower StampI’m not quite sure how this background blue was applied so I improvised and got a similar effect by smearing ink across the card stock.  Stamped sentiment, glitter Stickles for the paint and a toothpick for the brush handle.  This will be for my granddaughter who loves to paint.

16-16 23c3e13ac694161269e193a10f13ac42    16-16 LAC 1-2016

So there you have it, my humble attempts at using stamps and ink pads.  I did watch lots of videos and got many good tips and how to’s.  I’m now working on some different folded cards and will have some pics to share next week.


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One Response to Here a Stamp, There a Stamp…

  1. Janis says:

    Beautiful, Linda! 🙂

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