Groundhog Day, Birthdays and Mardi Gras all together!

Hi friends,

Boy, is time just flying by.  It’s already February 2016.  Where is the time going? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and before you know it spring will be here.   I know there has been lots of crazy weather for many of us and also so much winter time sneezes, cough and colds.  Our home is no exception.  Although it’s winter here in Boston, we have been experiencing way above average temperatures and hardly any snow, a far cry from last year’s massive storm season.  I think I’m getting spring fever way too early this year. We have also had our share of winter time illnesses.  I’ve been switching back and forth from a glue gun to a fever thermometer!  Talk about wearing many hats.  Hopefully you all are in fine health.  I, for one, never get sick….never had the flu, haven’t had a cold in 25 years….now with that said, I hope I haven’t jinxed myself LOL!!!

Onto some CASE cards.  Of course, February 2 was Groundhog Day.  Relieved to learn that Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow which means an early spring this year.  YEAH!! Here is my tribute to Phil:  a fun card for my granddaughter, Rhemi, who is just plain terrified of groundhogs, not mentioning that she’s almost 19 years old and still can’t get beyond this adorable critter.

Happy, Happy Phil.

53-16 LAC Groundhog

How about two fun birthday cards.

                                 YOURS                                               MINE

Playing with fire…how fun was this!  I was careful and burned the card off over the kitchen sink.  Good thing my smoke detectors didn’t go off!!!  I did this at 3 a.m.

11-16 9406651510be392396edef52dfb813c5   11-16 LAC 1-2016

Etch-A-Sketch….remember how much fun these were. I used a piece of frosted acetate to create the screen.

13-16 eeac4873aca1331887f0eab4cb5f247d   13-16 LAC 1-2016

And some cards a bit more serious.

I made this card for my friend Winnie’s birthday.  She loves the color purple.  Tons of tiny little flowers one by one.

18-16 9b3ddeece277f0975f21e1b74c243871     18-16 LAC 1-2016

I used my SNC to cut the lettering.

17-16 1843caa71527887ebbf77d80dd59bc35   17-16 LAC 1-2016

Die cut circles.  I first printed the sentiment onto card stock and then made up the card.

12-16 050c1673c551cf4003bf1a6121932a1d   12-16 LAC 1-2016

If you follow me on Pinterest (here’s the link if you’re interested: you’ll know that I have several newer boards.

One is SNC info, one for CASE cards 2016 and one for handmade card techniques.  I spend hours just viewing all the goodies on Pinterest, some I save, some I like and some I repin onto one of my boards.  I decided that for 2016 I would make a real effort to go beyond my comfort zone and try some new things.  So I’ve been busy watching videos, reading tutorials and trying my hand at some new style cards.  I’ve been working on “Magic Envelope” cards, “Drape Fold” cards, SNC files, “Bokeh” style cards, and cards using graphics.  I’m also trying to incorporate more stamping into my card making.  When I reach the point that I’m comfortable and happy with my results, I’ll post some pics.

I won’t see you again until next Thursday but next Tuesday is Mardi Gras!  Any plans to celebrate?  A big shout out to my friend, Janis who recently moved to New Orleans.  Hey, Janis, are you going out to celebrate Mardi Gras?  You’re right there, why not go and have a wild and crazy time.  Let’s see how many beaded necklaces you can collect!!!

So there you have it for another week here in my corner of the world.  Take care, stay healthy and think SPRING!!!


PS:  One last pic that I forgot.  My daughter’s friend is turing 30 and they are having a whale of a time for her.  I was asked to make a “Thirsty and 30” banner.  They liked this one so I made it up myself.  Black with gold glitter.  Sorry the banner clashes with the background but it was the only place to hang the banner.  Don’t look at all my ‘stuff’ in the glass cabinet and certainly don’t look at all the dust LOL.

57-16 SNC Banner 30th


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