Tiny Hearts Everywhere

Hello friends,

Today I have a special project to share with you.  Each year I do a ‘heart’ swap on one of my groups.  It’s the only swap we do so I always join in.  This year my swap partner was my friend, Angela, from New Zealand.  The only rules are that it has to be a heart of some sort and handmade.  So I went searching to my favorite place, Pinterest, and found tons of great ideas but one struck me as perfect.  Here is a pic of the pin.  Don’t you just love this tree blowing in the wind with all the tiny hearts!!

Original inspirational pic from Pinterest.09-16 09-16 Blowing Tree graphic

So my first thought was a card, of course.  But I wanted to take it further so I designed my own tree on the computer using the original as a guide.  I printed it on heavy card stock and then punched tiny little hearts out of vellum gluing each one and finishing off with a little stroke using a red fine tip marker.  I purchased a shadowbox frame and also made a matching card in the same manner.  How cute is this!

Framed picture.

09-16 LAC framed heart tree Swap

Handmade card.

09-16 LAC Valentine Tree 2015

Not completely over this graphic yet, I decided to take it one more step and make a mug rug to match.  This was a bit more challenging, trying to figure out how to hand embroider the tree and hearts.  I quickly realized that it would be very time consuming and tedious work by hand so I decided to machine embroider the tree as an applique.  Not very easy with all those little branches so I figured that I could eliminate many of the tiny branches to make it a bit easier to machine embroider the tree to the backing fabric and it worked!  I went slow and it came out fantastic.  Now onto the hearts….how the heck could I get all those little hearts onto the branches.  I thought about it for a few days and came up with the idea of heart shaped buttons.  How perfect was that and easy, too.

09-16 LAC Heart Tree mug rug Swap

I did hand embroider the words, machine quilted the background and hand sewed the binding.  I think it came out great, not too busy or lumpy as to interfere with a cup of tea placed down, just enough to continue the theme from the picture and card.

All in all, this was a fun challenge for me and Angela was thrilled to receive her package. Of course, with the cost of postage to New Zealand, I could have probably purchased a flight and brought it to Angela in person LOL.

Here is a final pic of everything I sent.  I always add some goodies.  I chose some fudge, a few sewing supplies and a “My Goodies” zippered pouch (purchased).

09-16 LAC Heart Swap entire

I won’t bother to post any CASE cards this week.  I’ve also been busy on my computer organizing my SVG files, it took days!  Now I’m ready to go and make some cards using my SNC machine.  I have lots of birthday and holiday cards to make so let’s see what I can come up with.

Meet you all back here next week.


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