Hello friends,

It’s been a bit of a funky week for me.  I’ve done some card making, a bit of sewing, exploring my ScanNCut and some graphic work on my computer.  Although I’ve kept very busy, I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much.  The weather has been frigid cold and the dreary days of January always make me lazy.  I suspect, as usual, February will be even worse LOL.

Being in a funky mood, I did make some funky cards.  My daughter asked if I had any funny cards and the answer was “No, not very many.”  That set off a spark and I scoured Pinterest to see what everyone else was doing.  I found a ton of humorous cards and graphics which  gave me inspiration.  Some are CASE cards, others inspiration from a graphic.  Here’s what I’ve come up with.  Sit back and laugh.

   YOURS                                                                      MINE

20-16 defa1a172fc3270817b8a649badbe64e copy        20-16 LAC 1-2016A quote that I thought had potential.  My card has a similar graphic and golden arches.

30-16 36ae1ca729666340d1827bf69416fccf           30-16 LAC Cat LadyAnother quote and my final card. I used a die and my Spellbinder to cut the cats.

23-16 768d60eb168aaadb67acd8208dcffd19         23-16 LAC 1-2016 I think the original card is a stamped image.  I used graphics I found on the internet. 

26-16 04a976d9f1534beacbb16439378634db             26-16 LAC 1-2016Again, I think the original was stamped but I used found graphics.

27-16 56e31afde615bfbe5d1e14b93df7ed68          27-16 LAC 1-016More stamping for original, more graphics I found.

All these cards were a bit of a challenge but fun to make.  They actually take longer to make because of the editing to the graphics I find on the internet.  I use a Mac and trying to clean up the graphics is tedious and time consuming.  My fingers get cramped, my eyes go goofy and my head hurts.  In general conversation with my family, I was mentioning how hard this was and how long it took.  Three days later, this appeared on my door step.IMG_2803What a surprise!!!  This is exactly what I need to edit my graphics.  A bit of another learning curve but so far it has proven to be perfect.  Less than $100 was money well spent. Instead of using the track pad on my Mac, I use the pen and tablet which is much more comfortable and accurate.  I’m in graphic heaven!!!

So there you have it, another peek at my week.  I do have more humorous cards and a special heart project I will share next week so come on back.

Later friends,


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  1. Robinongon says:

    The McWine card is my favorite!

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