Learning Curves

Happy daybreak,

It’s 3:22 a.m. and I’m up and about because my brain is going a mile a minute.  Ever have a week where just too many new things hit you all at once?  Well, this is MY week.

First, I got a new washer and dryer a few weeks ago….learning curve.  Who’d have thought I’d have to learn how to do laundry all over again.  These new washer and dryers require a PhD. to operate.  My new washer is a HE (learning curve) so I guess it uses less water than a traditional washer.  You put in the detergent, add the laundry and close the lid.  Then it weighs the laundry to regulate how much water to fill.  The lid locks so you can’t lift it up to see what’s going on inside.  Hmmm, I wonder if my laundry is really getting clean????

Washer & Dryer 2015

My next new adventure was a total surprise….a Scan N Cut2 for Christmas..learning curve. I already have a Cricut, Spellbinder Grand Caliber and a Sizzix which have served me well but the idea of being able to scan my own design and cut it, well, that was just too much…I just had to ask Santa to bring me one!  I’ve been playing around with it and so far, so good, I think.  I understand the concept but reading and doing are two different things for me…learning curve.  I need to see pictures or a video to fully understand so I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and the Internet watching and saving tutorials.  There’s so much to learn but I’m determined to become somewhat proficient so I will continue my adult education of the Scan N Cut2 and see how far I can go.

At present, I’ve made a few new cards using my SNC and here they are.

This is actually the very first cuts I made, a birthday card for my grandson.  I found a card I liked, printed and traced the train, scanned it into my machine and cut.  How simple was that!!!  I also cut the letters as well.  I’m impressed, how about you?

YOURS                                                                             MINE

08-16 e4415e01fa753937ed0bed7436dc610c          08-16 LAC HB Two Two 2015

The next card I made is this awesome game controller card for my granddaughter’s birthday.  The inspiration and SVG I found on the internet, converted the file and cut. How fun is this!

21-16 48a71fc91d730052d4a94dd0b3455a2e      21-16 LAC 1-2016

This 3rd card is another inspiration from the Internet.  The text I did in Word and the eye glasses is one of the built in designs on my SNC2.  Just to warn you, I’m in a playful mode since my daughter asked for some adult humor cards so there will be more to come soon.

19-16 bf03660d581f09c85f4d71e2121c22af         19-16 LAC 1-2016

These next two cards are or a swap I signed up for on my papercrafting group. I used a SVG file which I converted to the correct format using SNC Canvas.  How simple was that! I couldn’t figure out how to isolate the flower head from the stem to obtain the white flower and green stem so I cut one set using white cardstock and a 2nd using the green. Then I snipped the stem and leaves off and covered the white.  I’m sure there’s an easier way to do it but for now, it worked.  An couple of stamped sentiments and I was done in no time.

LAC 1-2016 PCD Swap

So there you have it, my SNC2 adventures so far.  Lots of fun and lots of learning curves but I’m up for the challenge.

So my last learning curve of this week is…drum roll…….a brand new stove!!!  How beautiful is this.  I’ve been saving my pennies for ages to be able to purchase a new stove so with some holiday money gifts and what I had saved and being on sale I was able to get my new stove, finally.  It’s a GE Profile, Dual Fuel, stainless.  It has a middle elongated burner for odd shaped pans which converts to a grill/griddle, a warming drawer, a power burner and best of all, WIFI connect.  Can you believe I can start my oven via my iPhone if I’m out and about.  How cool is that!  Then again, how lazy can one become LOL.


So with a new Scan N Cut, a new washer and dryer and a new stove, I’m in paradise.  A bit much to all take in at one time but everything will become second nature to me.  Oh, for my first dinner using my new stove, herb roasted pork loin, roasted rosemary potatoes and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Hopefully I’ll remember how to cook with gas and not burn anything LOL?????

See you next week with more goodies.





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One Response to Learning Curves

  1. Linda, that stove is a beautiful thing! Congratulations on all your new goodies! You deserve them. 🙂

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