Happy 2016 my friends,

I never go out or really celebrate New Year’s Eve.  Why?  Because I want to be fresh as a new daisy and ready to go at the crack of dawn New Year’s morning.  I’ve sort of been on a sabbatical the last couple of months, taking time off from card making and sewing but my brain has been on overtime, going a mile a minute with thoughts and ideas for new things for the new year.  I do have a couple of sewing projects I’d like to tackle this year but more on those when I gear up in sewing mode.

For now, I’m focusing my energies and brain on card making.  As you know from reading my blog, following me on Pinterest, etc., I love a challenge.  In the past I’ve done an entire series on YOURS AND MINE cards and had tons of fun.  My goal was to try to duplicate cards I liked without purchasing anything new.  I’m happy to say that in 2015 I don’t think I purchased more than…say $25 worth of supplies and actually made a ton of cards with only what I had on hand.  Pretty good, huh???

I’m going to continue on with that but with a couple of new additions.  If you follow me on Pinterest, I now have a board labeled ‘CARDS 2016:  CASE YOURS AND MINE’. (Here’s the link to my Pinterest boards:  I will be pinning my new CASE cards to this board as well as here on my blog, showing the YOURS card and the MINE card.  And, as usual, if any of you card designers see one of your cards, please comment and let me know how I did!!!

Another new addition for 2016 is a new toy.


No, I didn’t purchase this, it was a holiday gift from my son and family.  Nice! So once I conquer the learning curve, the possibilities will be limitless.  Having the San N Cut sure will open up an entirely new avenue for me.  I’m excited!!!

Now for the eye candy.

                           YOURS                                                                         MINE

04-16 ad74ab9cc832f37afaa33df4269855bc

04-16 LAC Valentine XOXO 2015

02-16 8276b1e3d5a293bb29957bb4884f71e6    02-16 LAC HB Hats 2015

01-16 2ebfb3ed5af4e1668851b59ce1b90094                    01-16 LAC Valentine TicTacToe 2015

03-16 d39b7804715d8482f64b834766420a61         03-16 LAC Valentine Hello 2015

There you have it, my first post for 2016.  Come back next Thursday to see what other trouble I can get into.  And be sure to check out my Pinterest boards.



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