Ugly Sweater – Tree Lighting Tour

Hi friends,

With the holiday season fast approaching, we all seem to be short of one thing….money.  Many of us tighten up the old money belt and try to stash some cash away for shopping.  Some of us take the time to hand make holiday gifts vs. expensive store bought items.  And there are those of us who choose to pick up a seasonal part time job to earn extra cash.  No matter which road you take, it’s always a struggle to make ends meet and not go crazy at the same time.  So why not choose something that makes you happy and at the same time, puts a little moola in your pocket.  And that’s exactly what I did this year.

You may remember my post on October 2nd about my “Ugly Sweater” adventure.  Here’s the link if you missed it.   Thinking that I would never, ever wear this ball of yarn mess, I delegated it to the back of the closet where it could sit and ponder where it went wrong. My truly ‘Ugly Sweater’ has proven to actually be a blessing in disguise.  A few days later I got a comment here from my friend, Robin, saying that ‘Ugly Sweater’ reminder her of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in NYC.  At first, I didn’t see the connection but the more I looked at the sweater, the more I did see the connection.  Genius Robin for having such an good eye.

This got me to thinking how could I turn an truly fashion faux pas into a positive experience.  Voila, the lightbulb went off and a career began for ‘Ugly Sweater’.  After several phone calls, lots of legal red tape, manager and agent contacts, interviews, bookings, travel arrangements, photo shoots, hair and makeup stylists, personal trainer and itineraries galore, it has finally happened.  ‘Ugly Sweaters’  first gig!  And what a debut it was.  Check my and ‘Ugly Sweater’ making our first ever run over the Rockefeller Tree on December 2, 2015 lighting up the magic of the holidays for the entire world to share.  This momentous occasion has been immortalized with a commemorative photo on a holiday card from me to you.

LAC Ugly Sweater Xmas 2015

An added short story inside completes this truly magnificent memory for  me and ‘Ugly Sweater’.

LAC Ugly Sweater card inside 2015

After a week of an exhausting wold wide tour, lighting trees everywhere in the world, me and ‘Ugly Sweater’ are enjoying a well-deserved vacation.  Here we are basking in the warmth of the islands.


Together we both send warm, bright wishes for a happy holiday to everyone everywhere.



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2 Responses to Ugly Sweater – Tree Lighting Tour

  1. TA Carbone says:

    hahahahahaha your crazy

  2. Robin says:

    You’re too clever. lol

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