Finished Mug Rug

Hi all,

I guess this past week turned out a bit busy for me despite I had nothing to do as of last week’s post.  A couple of years ago, I made a mug rug for my dear friend, Carolyn.  She loves her so much that she came back and wanted one for a gift, but with a specific twist, a mug rug depicting “Tim Hortons” coffee.  I’m actually not familiar with Tim Hortons so I had to search him out.  I found some pics on the internet and adapted my line drawings to incorporate on the mug rug.

Here’s my final “Tim Hortons” mug rug. The size is @ 9″ by 18″, the coffee cup is appliquéd, the words and flowers are hand embroidered and the background is machine quilted.LAC Mug Rug Carolyn 11-2015 b

I’ve always liked a challenge and this project was no exception.  I like best the seek and find hunt for elements which I can remake into templates, patterns or designs and incorporate them into my project.

Here’s a pic of the mug rug I made for Carolyn a few years ago which was made using an actual pattern.Tea Mat 3-10 1

Not sure what this coming week will bring. I’m busy prepping for a craft fair on Nov. 21 and then onto Thanksgiving and holiday shopping.  I have the most fantastic UPS delivery man who always brings me goodies so I’d like to make him a special card with a little thank you gift for all his hard work.  He always seems to deliver to me around dinner time so we feel as if he’s a part of the family.  He’s the greatest!!  The hunt continues….

Till next week,


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One Response to Finished Mug Rug

  1. Robin says:

    Never heard of a mug rug before–it’s very cute!

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