What’s Happening Here

Did you all think that I went on vacation?  Perhaps to a small,  uninhabited island somewhere in the middle of nowhere?  Lying in a hammock, sipping drinks with those cute little paper umbrellas, the cabana boy fanning me with one of those huge palm leaves?  Listening to the only sounds of waves breaking on the shore and the swoosh of the palm trees?  Sounds great, huh!  Yeah, that’s right…that’s where I have been.  Don’t I wish.

In reality, I’ve been here in my hectic little corner of the world trying to keep busy and sane.  To keep from going off the deep end, I’ve been working on two projects recently, a baby quilt and my second sweater of the season.  Both are finished now so I can share with you.

First, for an order, a cute little baby quilt and pillow in a ‘jungle’ theme in yellow, green and brown. I scanned a pic of the giraffe from a handmade card, enlarged it and used it as the template for the center applique.  The rest were easy borders and hand tied.


And next, I finally finished my second sweater for this fall season. Remember my previous post about my ‘Favorite Ugly Sweater’?  The one I made with the wrong yarn?  In case you missed it, here it is.  UGLY, UGLY, UGLY



Well, here is the new sweater using the correct yarn.


What a huge difference!  I’ll never made that mistake again, trying to substitute yarn suggestions.  I did make it a bit longer than the first sweater.  This is such an easy crochet pattern.

Since the weather here in Boston  has been unseasonably warm, I don’t think I’ll be needing to wear my new sweater this week.

The only other thing I have going on is cooking.  I’ve been trying out some new recipes I found on Pinterest or TV. I feel as if I’m the “Test Kitchen” for a food program. This was last night’s dinner:  Baked Mozzarella Chicken Rolls. They came out great and very tasty. In fact, everyone liked them, no ugly faces at the dinner table last night.  My only issue was pounding the boneless chicken breasts to 1/4″. I always seem to massacre the chicken but all in all, I got the job done.


I don’t have any other projects in mind as yet and with the holidays quickly approaching, I may not have time so unless something great happens, I may or may not post for a few weeks.


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