Not Much Happening Here…

Good morning,

Another slow week has passed with nothing new to share.  I think I’m just enjoying the cooler weather way too much and have become lazy!!  The only thing going is a new sweater, the same as last week’s UGLIEST sweater but now with the correct yarn.  So much better it actually looks like the sample pic shown on the pattern.

I do have a few lingering pics to share with you of projects I completed over the last few months.

Here is a utility quilt I made last February using all scrap fabric.  Good for throwing on the floor or going on a picnic. So when was the last time I ever went on a picnic???? Anyway, good to have on hand.


LAC Utility Quilt 2-2015 a


LAC Utility Quilt 2-2015 d

And another small quilt called Stained Glass with matching pillows I made last March. This is small, just for show. I used all batik fabric for this and it ended up costing me lots of money.  Batik fabric is not inexpensive.  The thin black lines were the hardest to do, trying to keep a straight scant 1/4″ wasn’t easy.  Won’t be making this again anytime soon.IMG_1655

Short and sweet this week.



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One Response to Not Much Happening Here…

  1. Robinongo says:

    Both quilts are beautiful, but the stained glass quilt is amazing! The black lines make the colors pop out. Wow, you had a lot of scrap fabric!

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