By Far the Ugliest Sweater of All Time


Okay, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post about my latest attempt at making myself a new sweater.  I thought that posting about this sweater could ruin me forever.  Knowing that my mojo is on hiatus I thought I would be safe in making the sweater since I’m only following a pattern designed by someone else.  As I started crocheting the sweater I saw a monster emerging from the stitches right before my eyes.  Oh, this is awful….I could never wear this unbearably ugly thing yet I continued with the idea that I would finish the sweater to see if the sizing, etc. were correct.  Well, I did finish the sweater and overall, it came out very nice.  No mistakes to speak of, the fit is perfect, the neckline is perfect, the length is perfect. Then I dared to take a glance in the mirror.  How horrifying!  The sweater looks like on old, dark and faded rainbow gone pixilated.  This sweater is not something you would wear anywhere outside the confines of your own home.  I don’t think that I would wear this sweater even to answer the door for the FedEx man.  So I turned to my family for their opinion.  With one eye open and one eye shut I got “It’s different”, “It’s nice”, “It looks warm”, “It’s not so bad”.  Not the comments I was seeking.  As you can see from the pic, I could not even take a good picture of it!  This monster sweater is alive and very uncooperative on every level.

So tell me, what do YOU think?  Would you dare wear this?  If so, where?

I was thinking maybe someone will invite me to a “Ugly Sweater” party.  I’m sure I’d be the winner hands down.


As I mentioned in my last post on Oct. 2, I couldn’t find the suggested yarn so I purchased what I thought would be a good substitute.  WRONG!!!  My advice, always follow the instructions right down to the suggested supplies, unless, of course, you want to make yourself the ‘UGLIEST SWEATER EVER”!!

Onto a more pleasing subject, my back porch re-do.  Here are the latest pic, almost completed.  We only need a door, some minor clean up and it should be good to go.  Notice the bottom post on the railing.  The post cap is actually a solar powered light.  How cool is that!  The blue tape is temporary to hold on the molding until the glue sets.


Well, that ‘s about all for this week.  I hope I’ve made some of you laugh with me at my new “UGLIEST SWEATER”.


PS:  Don’t think that I’m deterred from trying this sweater again only next time it will be with the correct yarn!

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3 Responses to By Far the Ugliest Sweater of All Time

  1. Robinongo says:

    The colors remind me of The Rockefeller Christmas tree. Not bad, really! Sell it on eBay. The sweater has nice details.

  2. linda42c says:

    Ok. If you like I so much will you wear it to a holiday party??? LOL

  3. Yeah have an Ugly Sweater party this Holiday season…Good excuse to have a party…or give it as a gag gift…o and love your porch…esp. the cool light.

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