Updated Card Gallery


Ok, what happened to last week?  I totally forgot to make a post.  Maybe it’s because I’m growing bored with posting cards every week.  So what I’ve done is place all my remaining cards into my Card Gallery.  You can click on the title (above) to see all the new additions minus the “YOURS” cards, just mine.  My Mojo is still on vacation so I haven’t been doing much of anything the past few weeks.  Oh, that’s a lie….I’m making yet another sweater for myself.  Why, I don’t know but the pic I saw in a newsletter I receive caught my eye and thought having a new project would excite my inner creativity.  Well, here’s the scoop.

Here’s a pic of the sweater as it should appear.


It’s crochet, simple single and double stitches which is super easy.  I think it’s the colors I liked best.  I checked on line at my local craft store and they did carry the yarn in store.  All hyped up, I went to purchase the yarn.  HA!!!  Even though the website said ‘in store’ and ‘in stock’ there wasn’t one single bin of this yarn nor were they any product tags indicating that they even sold it in store. How disappointing.  Why do stores do this???  So I found another yarn that was similar. However, I soon realized that it is very different from the suggested yarn.  The yarn used per the instructions is a self-striping (I think) yarn and the yarn I purchased is a variegated….big difference.  Here is a pic of what my yarn looks like.


My yarn is NOT self-striping and is making a completely different color pattern.  Not what I was going for.  I originally decided to quit and quietly place the yarn in my bag of unused yarn.  I wasn’t too concerned because it was on clearance for $1.97 a skein so no need to return it for so little money.  I figured I would use it someday.  However I changed my mind and decided to continue forward with the sweater with the intent to see how it fit and if I liked the style, I would later purchase the correct yarn and make another.  I’ve decided that this could possibly be my new favorite “Ugly Sweater” LOL.  I have the back to finish and then assemble and will post pics when done.

On the home front, my back porch redo is almost complete.  We just need to put up the railing for the stairs, the door underneath and then the trim work. This porch also was almost completely rotted and needed to be rebuilt completely.

Here’s a pic of the handrail post almost completely disintegrated from weather and time.

Sept 18 2015 d

Here is the new post going into place. Quite a difference.Sept 20 2015 b

Bad weather has halted further work this week but I’m hoping by next weekend it will all be done.

See you next week.



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