Summer is winding down or is it???


September has arrived here in Boston and Autumn equinox makes its debut Sept. 23 but it sure still feels like the dog days of August.  In my mind, September heralds cooler, brisk weather with comfortable evenings and mornings and WARM ****NOT HOT**** days. Seems someone forgot to tell Mother Nature!  I start out my days with long pants, a top and perhaps a light sweatshirt.  By 1PM, I’ve stripped down to shorts and a tank, sipping on a cold drink and complaining and whining about how hot it is.  Can’t we just get over all of this and let Autumn do its thing!!!

No news to report about my porch redo except that a delivery arrives today so I think we’ll be starting the back porch this weekend.  Meanwhile, we’ve finished off underneath the front porch which acts as a little storage area in my basement. Its all insulated with a plywood floor and a door making it great for long term storage. I’ll be putting some seasonal things there which will alleviate the space issue in the actual basement so that’s a good thing.

I haven’t done much crafting…..I think my “Mojo” is on vacation so I’ll share more YOURS & MINE cards I’ve made over the past few months.

YOURS                                                                MINE

37-7168b4b138efe3946aaae65c80996829                 37-LAC Circle Floral a 6-2015

38-fcc93020652c407943a0d07d5a208031              38-LAC Punch floral branch 5-2015

42-a38d17a3c2b4bf2a20c21060e4f680f2             42-LAC feather 6-2015

72-273aff6ef4d4b3c01143fab74317df7       72-LAC Celebrate Cirle banners 5-2014

94-4130b015a03c935615ac1e53660cb46f          94-LAC Green HB stripes 6-2015

95-538dd961f75f81ae2557169d44701ead          95-LAC HB Neutral stripes 6-2015

Thanks again to all the original designers for their inspiration.  And, remember, I haven’t spent a cent on anything, I’m using only supplies that I have on hand.

See you next week.


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One Response to Summer is winding down or is it???

  1. I’m glad you liked my green birthday card. 🙂

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