A Very Special Post

Good day everyone,

Today is September 11 and, of course, we all remember the events surrounding this day in 2001.  Today is also Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts, a civic holiday commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War on April 19, 1775.

I have chosen this day to share with you a quilt made back in 1990-1991.  This quilt was the efforts through a support group, North Shore Support Group for Desert Shield, Inc., to show appreciation and gratitude for our service people deployed to the Persian Gulf.  Here is a copy of the original statement that accompanied the quilt.

NSSG Statement

And here are a few pictures of the actual quilt which I have in my possession.

Entire quilt1 Quilt

Bottom section with coalition flags2 Quilt bottom

Middle section with service people’s names3 Quilt middle

Top section with yellow ribbon and peace dove4 Quilt top

Dedication to my lost but not forgotten friend, Norm Grant from Lynn, MA, who gave his life in Viet Nam in 1968, just 2 weeks before he was to return back to the states.   Miss you Norm.5 Quilt Old friend Viet Nam

John, a dear friend and neighbor who also served in Viet Nam6 Quilt Neighbor Viet Nam

Signature plate7 Quilt NSSG

Tribute to the “Unknown Soldier”15 Quilt Tribute

Various quilting motifsIMG_2529IMG_2531

Press release for State House displayCommofMassPressRelease

This quilt took several months to complete but when finished, boy did it travel.  It proudly hung in the Boston State capitol building for several weeks as well as many, many various Boston area community city and town halls. It would typically hang for about one week and then move on to the next destination.  The unveiling of the quilt display always coincided with some sort of function or dedication and many times included a visit by returning service people so honored to see their names on the quilt.

When the quilt hung at the city call in Lynn, someone actually noticed Norman Grant’s name, contacted his father and then I received a call from Mr. Grant, Sr. thanking me for not forgetting his son who gave his life in Viet Nam.  He mentioned to me that he could not believe that after 23 years, someone still remembered Norm.   I think out of the entire experience, this was truly the best.

When the quilt’s tour was over, it was returned to me with the plans to have it delivered and displayed at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC.  However, that never did take place.  Fortunately, the conflict ended and our service people returned back home, one by one. The group’s intention was to meet and greet each and every returning service person at the airport in Boston.  Can’t tell you how many trips my children and I made into the airport, always proving to be such an emotional time but so well worth our efforts.

The quilt was also on display at the Marshfield (MA) fair and won a “Yellow Ribbon”.MarshfieldFairYellowRibbon

The quilt has been in my possession ever since.  I take it out every year, hang it on the clothesline, take more pictures and certainly reflect back on that turbulent time. Over the past 24 years I have attempted to find somewhere to display the quilt but have been unsuccessful.  So if anyone in the Boston area has any ideas or suggestions how I could go about getting it on display again, please contact me.  I think it deserves to make its home in a place of honor.  Also if anyone wants more information on the quilt or the names, I’d be happy to help.

In peace,



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One Response to A Very Special Post

  1. Robin says:

    How beautiful and touching your quilt is. To take the time to honor each and every person who committed themselves for the sake of our freedom is a dedication in itself. It is a very special day that these two significant events come together on the same day! The brave men and women who protected us and those who gave their lives on September 11 will never be forgotten. You and the Desert Storm support group crafted an amazing artifact. It is truly a work of art and I’m giving your quilt a blue ribbon in my book.

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